The music thread: Come listen to some tunes or share your own!

Aight so we’ve talked about your favourite videogame theme song and songs you feel represent yourself. Now how about your favourite tune you just absoluletely love to jam out to?

Honestly just on the hunt for some new songs to listen to, it’d be great if you guys could get the videos so I don’t have to search em all up.

Here’s a song I’ve been listening to a lot recently, it’d be hard to determine my absolute favourite:

Now I’m not too into rap, just don’t like the style much. So if I’m saying I like a song that is literally just rap you better believe it’s good, give the tune above a try, it takes some time to get good but the wait is worth it. The instrumentals are just on point with the vocals, man I’m a sucker for percussion. I also love how in the song, when the vocalists is singing unimportant lined it’s fairly hard to understand and is drowned out by the instruments but when he’s saying something relatively deep and meaningful he becomes a lot more clearer to understand.

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You probably won’t like it, because it’s rap, but this is the most played song on my playlist for a couple of reasons.

A bit personal, but it’s one of the songs that made me feel a lot better after some issues in life.


My boys killing it like always. :kissing_heart:


Not a bad song, I can see myself jamming out to this whilst driving around the city or something

I would actually listen to that if it were in english. I’ve got no clue what they’re saying lmao

Yeah, that tends to be the issue many people have with listening to songs from other places, lol.

My favorite too :heart_eyes:

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Well, my musical range might not be akin to what you listen,so I’m just gonna put out that I love mostly rock and metal music,just tell me if you happen to like this genre,otherwise,I wouldn’t want to waste your time with my particular likings. I’ve got some songs in mind.

I feel mad fake for not repping Soulja Boy

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Cant honestly say its my favorite song but its the first song I got to perform live solo so I guess it has a lot of sentimental feeling

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Minecraft Five Nights at Freddy’s Note Block Remix but it’s Crab Rave Megalomania but it’s Backwards with Shrek doing Fortnite Dances while All Star Plays at 1.5x Speed


gonna need a link to that pls and thank you

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I googled it you baited me

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I made that up
But it sounds like something someone would actually make.

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Try pasting the actual link - and not the Google one.

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Don’t ask me where I find this stuff.

Leaving the stream without saying goodbye

i see how it is

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