The New Akariss "Units Comparison"


Has anyone else watched the video yet? I’m curious to get thoughts that others have on his analysis and comparisons, considering the pretty heated opinions some people had of him in the last thread that was made regarding him.

I think this comparison was better than the last one, though I feel like he missed some potentially valuable points or builds that could be done on, say, Spring Loki or Spring Veronica that would make them outperform the units he was comparing them too.

I know he’s trying to save our orbs and I’m not trying to bash him, I just feel like he failed to see some potential ways units like S!Loki or S!Veronica could be built to make them monsters compared to similar units like them.


His analysis was based on how he sees them performing with regards to how he plays the game. So yes, there are builds that they can run that would make them great but not within the context of AR. That basically applies to most heroes in the game anyway.

Perhaps you could share some of those builds you said could make the new units outshine those compared. That could put things into perspective.


In terms of high value investment, Sturdy Impact + Darting Blow 3 would be a pretty beastly combination on S!Loki. Or running a Guard Bow+ with Distant Defense and Iotes Shield for a tankier archer flier.

As for S!Veronica, any of the Push skills (Atk/Spd mostly) along with her base weapon would combine for some really beastly stats, which would be unique because Push skills are hardly meta right now. Actually, give her Mystic Boost in her B slot and she can have Push up almost constantly, as long as she can nuke her opponent consistently.


I would be surprised if he didn’t like Loki a lot. Colourless flier, flat statline, high BST.

But as I said in my reply on the previous thread, I’m staying away from his content for now.


He actually said he was disappointed by her, believe it or not. He found HS!Camilla to be a superior CC tank because of her higher Res.

Not sure why he thought that when her Def is almost completely unsalvageable but… I wasn’t really following his logic on HS!Camilla in general. The only thing she has over Loki is 4 points more Res and a couple more points of Attack.

But yeah, he said he was disappointed by Loki. I was very surprised.


he makes no sense


Akariss is really good at the game, and he knows a lot - don’t discount what he says just because his advice is often different than what you find at gamepress or what is considered “conventional wisdom”. He’s a very deep thinker, and he plays AR very well. Like, he almost never loses a match, or even a single unit.

Having said that, when it comes to his builds, he is often trying to do a few things

a) Show builds most people could do with little monetary investment to achieve a similar goal
b) Give you more reasons NOT to spend/waste your orbs

And I think his advice accomplishes those goals quite well, as people are usually WAY too sucked into the hype-train and spend orbs recklessly, especially 9 or so days before a mythic banner where they are likely to get 3x the number of 5-stars for the same orbs.

Like really, how many times have you spent a ton of orbs into a unit you thought you absolutely “had to have” only to have it benched a week or so later, never to be seen again in any game mode? It happens all the time. Sadly, in order for there to be good units, there must be bad ones - and there are a lot of them. Even the beast units and the crazy hype around those see almost no play. I haven’t seen a Tibarn anywhere other than in my barracks for an entire month. And people who use Reyson do so because he was demoted, and it’s not even for beast teams. Panne only saw some play because she was a bonus unit. This happens all the time.

At least with a mythic banner, a lot of the units being run are proven units where you already know their value, thus your capacity to make good decisions with your orbs is increased dramatically, and the amount of value you will receive in both the short and long-term will be many magnitudes better following his advice.


If that’s precisely what he said, I think he’s gone off. T.Camilla might be slightly better in AR because there are so many mages running around, but it’s not like you’re going to tank a danced Ophelia with 40 visible res and 50HP (which is about where she gets to with 7-ish merges, res-refined weapon, and summoner support), and in his long AR video he was using CC + vantage on her which loses to that.

In general, it’s absurd to say that a unit with 10 def less than Sp.Loki is a better CC tank. The overwhelming majority of units who hit at melee range hit def by default, and even manaketes will do it against ranged units if it hits harder that way.

@egervari if his analysis is valid, he’s not presenting it with sufficient context. I’m “debunking” his analysis using simple calculations and really basic observations. (Also, I agree with most of his summoning advice and the overwhelming majority of my orbs go to 8% banners or banners with two focus units)


@Seeker the context that I specified is really the context you should be taking into account. I’ve watched a ton of his videos, and while he doesn’t say it all the time, he does say it in a few. He didn’t say it this time however. The goal of his advice is not to show you the best builds for each unit - it’s to really give you reasons not to summon.

Example: Do you know how many people thought Lugh was amazing, just because of his bst? I can find you a ton of hype videos that actually thought Lugh was going to be the next meta green mage. Not even joking about this. People were even suggesting Gronnblade+ builds for him, not even thinking about their advice.

Akariss told everyone Lugh sucked, and demonstrated that his mom was better. I did the same thing on this board a number of times, independently, as well as replying one of the youtube videos in particular. It turns out, Nino is WAY better than Lugh - by miles - even if you gave Lugh a ton of merges.

Anyway, I think it’s important to have an anti-hype-train voice in the community. We get so few orbs compared to what we honestly probably need that we really need to spend them wisely. He said spending on this banner would be a mistake, and he’s right - it probably is. He was right about the binding blade banner too. And he said to pull red on the last Legendary Banner with roy, hrid and micaiah - and he was right about that as well.


You cant be objectively right about whether to pull or not. Because it comes down to preference


You cant be objectively right about whether to pull or not. Because it comes down to preference

As long as we agree on the goal for why we’re summoning - like doing well in AR/Arena/Abyssal content and maximizing value of our limited orbs - then yes, we CAN be objective about it. If you want to have alternative goals, by all means, summon away.

The goals are subjective, but once a goal is selected, the conclusions about what would be best is entirely objective.


Yes and no. Because merging for arena doesn’t have an objective best that much is obvious. You can merge up anyone, then get high scoring fodder and that’s about all you need. And these characters are in the 4 star pool.
For Abyssal, that’s up to you too. There’s never been a “should you pull” based on Abyssal maps because you don’t need to pull for it at all. So scratch that off. AR has some merit, but then you have to consider that his team is actually mostly 3-4 star units. Meaning you also don’t need a should you pull there. The most I’ve seen on his team used CC and thats about it. He also had a lot of flier movement fodder, which again comes down to what your defense team is because many dont use fliers.

And of course you have him prefering HSCamilla because she has 3 more res? I didnt watch the video but thats really dumb. If you are running a CC tank build, Loki has 10 more defense which is much more important here. And like he said if the goal is to survive Ophelia you aren’t gonna do it either way. And if you buff her up enough to, you still have to deal with physical threats. Putting CC on a 17 def character is nuts and wont work for almost all content.


I haven’t seen his video and don’t plan to, but I agree with him that in a CC + Vantage, the most important stat is atk. Your defensive stats only come into play on your first attack (assuming no traps to bypass that). Once in Vantage range, you don’t want to be hit at all.


Shes going to be hit though she has too low attack. The goal is that they are supposed to tank and vantage to heal


Oh, I see. That’s not how I use mine then. I go for ORKO builds with offensive specials.


eah thats why I’d use Loki instead. If the goal was to sweep they both suck at it


Not really. For CC + vantage, T.Camilla really is better. The difference is 1 point of atk and 7 points def/res debuff. Loki is better for any CC that isn’t vantage OHKO, but Akariss killed his own flier ball without really calculating in about 3 attempts (using the test defenses function) using T.Camilla with double savage blow.

For anything that isn’t CC + vantage OHKO, Loki is better. I doubt he would dispute it. I alleged that his Camilla doesn’t cut it because she loses to danced Ophelia with hardy bearing. (Actually, if Ophelia uses dragon fang, hardy bearing might not even be necessary.)


If people thought Lugh is better than Nino then yes they would do well to hear him deny it. You might already know that RoyAhoy and I concluded, before watching his video (at least in my case) that Lugh isn’t a better bladetomer than Nino and that having a few extra stat points hardly makes this unit meta-shaking. It was obvious to me as soon as I saw the statline with similar spd and not much difference in atk; the one-round glimmer will generate a lot more damage output than 2-3 points of atk, and she can even refine the tome for spd if she wants. As for the legendary banner, I was planning to pull reds on that last 8% expecting B.Celica instead of L.Roy (over a month before he released his predictions), and then when L.Roy came then I summoned as planned and recommended the same to a number of others. Generally speaking I agree with his summoning recommendations even though I don’t even have the same goals as him. I’m not all about arena points or AR ranks; I’m more of a fodderphile who wants more material to experiment and play with. I know what 8% banners are good for and not good for (and likewise for other banners such as shared colour banners), and since he and I share the outlook of trying to squeeze more out of orbs, we come to a lot of the same conclusions about which banners provide good value.

But here I’m contesting his assertion that T.Camilla is a better CC tank, and you could say I’m doing the exact opposite of what he did to Lugh. He showed Lugh to be not better than Nino, and I’m now demonstrating using data that Sp.Loki will tank way better than T.Camilla if you actually intend to tank. Vantage OHKO is not a tanking strategy by my definitions; that’s a way of avoiding to need to tank.

That’s what I mean when I say he needs to show what he means if he says T.Camilla is better. If he meant specifically for CC + vantage, then yes I agree, but if that wasn’t his point, I don’t know what he’s talking about and my best guess is that he’s trying to justify his prior investment in Camilla.


Yes and no.

What do you mean yes and no? I literally gave you a strict definition on how to make a objective conclusions on subjective criteria, and you’re saying no?

Because merging for arena doesn’t have an objective best that much is obvious. You can merge up anyone, then get high scoring fodder and that’s about all you need. And these characters are in the 4 star pool.

That doesn’t negate the fact that there are objective better answers compared to other ones. Being objective doesn’t mean you can’t have multiple answers. Even 2 units that are perfectly identically now, one may be more versatile and primed for the future compared to another. One may be less costly to build compared to another, making it better (again, if that’s part of the criteria that we’re going to establish for a goal, which in many f2p cases, it is). We may not even know the correct answer right either, but that doesn’t mean that an objective answer isn’t possible. People can just be wrong or just don’t have enough information to make an informed choice - but the objective answer is out there if your criteria is clear enough and you’re willing to keep digging for the truth. So no, I don’t see your point and I think you’re just raising dishonest objections or don’t understand what objectivity is within subjective context really means.


This doesn’t make sense what are you even arguing. There’s no objective best for arena, because you can clear it easily with anyone you want and still score in 21