The new banner is confirmed cursed

i swear IS is just teasing me at this point, first i free pulled Tanith on the wedding banner were Pent was on and i died a little inside but i thought maybe I could get Pent on this new banner but my free pull again was…

… no Pent for me i suppose :catsob:


I wanted tanith but got fodder


Looks like we got each others wanted unit


I got second Elincia, but hey, she is free and +atk one…


Gimme, Tanith is amazing!

(I clicked green and got Ross, why couldn’t you have been Echidna :feh_sharenacry:)


Did you get Tanith on her original banner?

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Yeah! Her weapon is nice stuff for fodder!
My Valter love it!


I Got one Harsh Command Fodder too. Omg.

I hell yes

I got finally a free 5 Star

5 Star Unit

Jk it was a 3 Star Reinhardt
■■■■ you IS, I’ve been unlucky since I dunno when, gimme ■■■■■■■ luck you bastards


My Shigure is going to love it too :smiley:

This banner is awesome. So much better than the legendary banners.

I was waiting for PFlora and Pent to get reruns. I was getting nervous because the legendary schedule was kinda problematic. If this is their way to compensate for that mess, I’m going to love it.

I got PFlora as my free summon and used 150ish orbs to get Pent. I got two Tanith on the way, wondering what to do with her.

Now I need to figure out if I want to use my remaining orbs for a second Pent for my BIke or go for Close Call instead.

I’m gonna pull red until it’s over, need a not -def Picnic Flora

No Iote’s shield?

I’m just praying to get something.
Except Elincia i have none of the units

And no way i’m gonna pull for Sanaki.

This banner hates me.

I’ve been trying to nab a Festival Elinica because I’m going to need that push skill later. (Hoping to get a duplicate of the only unit I have with Atk/Spd Push 3 (Festival Elincia) and a duplicate Brave Camilla later so I can pass on Atk/Spd Push 4 and Wrathful Staff together.)

It took me until 7.50% before I got any 5 star. And it wasn’t even green because green decided not to show up. (At least it was Close Counter I can use.) Not to mention I got more 3 stars than 4 stars this time around.

Sure I got some cool stuff, like a Tanya and an Echidna.
But this banner sucks.

Climbed to 10%. Finally got Pent. Got 3 Taniths along the way of course.

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Did one circle, got squat :feh_nino:
Will probably wait a bit before I choose what to summon.

lol i’m in the same boat right now, though i’ve decided that i won’t spend anymore orbs on the banner even though i got no other 5* mainly because i used all my 100


Yeah sounds about right. The rates here unfortunately aren’t much better than a normal banner, mathematically. At least you have 2 weeks to maybe break the pity rate


Nevermind, I went in for another circle because most of the units are good, got Summer Ursula & Tanya :feh_hridexcited:
I’ve always wanted to try out Ruse skills, and the extra Tanya is welcomed :feh_birbpeek: