The new FGO servant planner doesn't load all legacy servants

The new planner (Servant Planner | Fate Grand Order Wiki - GamePress) loaded all of my servants from most recent through Anra Mainiiu (67 in total); the next servant is Mash. I don’t know whether Mainiiu or Mash is the issue. I added Nightingale (Santa) through the old planner and loaded legacy again and she was pulled in fine, so I don’t believe the issue is a size limitation. My list can be viewed at KodokuRyuu | Fate Grand Order Wiki - GamePress. I tried to add the share URL for my results from loading my servants into the new planner, but it exceeded the character limit for posts.

I’m missing about 2/3rds of my imported servants. When looking at the list, it seems that any servants added in the old planner before Angra Mainyu, and thus lower on the list than him, are not imported.

Moreover, a few days ago, I spent a lot of time saving al the missed servants to the new planner, and I hit save. However, now I open it again, and they’re all gone again.

So, this new tool does not import all servants and does not save the ones you did properly, making, imho, the new tool functionally useless in its intended purpose.

Edit: Removing Angra from the old planner and importing legacy servants does fix the issue of importing. Now I’ll have to wait and see if they’re actually saved or not. Also, when adding Angra back in in the new planner, he has no materials associated with him, which was a known bug in the old planner, which would pop up from time to time, crashing that one also.

@Demos_Mirak @KodokuRyuu Apologies for the delay! Please take a look and see if this issue has been fixed!