The new Smoke skills are super cheap

First of all, it’s expensive, limited fodder. Not exactly easy to get.

Secondly, as a smoke skill it only takes effect after the first combat, meaning you can still be killed outright before gaining the effects.


Always has been, but diminishing returns. So you can do it, but outside of bonkers cases like B!Ike you are usually better running something else.

The smoke skills are good, and I really don’t like the direction they’re taking the game in terms of powercreep, but they aren’t explicitly broken or anything like that.


It’s obvious I’m not saying that. I mean “cheap” as in broken.

yeah I somehow completely missed that…

I’m pretty sure stacking something ridiculous like 50+% is something most would appreciate. ]:



I am aware, but availability is part of how good a skill is

64% is the most common stacking combo, but its multiplicative, not additive. So say a 60%+40% DR does not equal 100%


They’re good, undoubtedly. There is also a lot of counter play to them (atk smoke is countered by NFU, which everyone runs anyway because you pretty much need it; spd smoke is countered by outspeeding them so they get no dodge DR, or DR piercing affects)

Again, very good skill, but also not broken (that would pathfinder)


i dunno nogi bro I personally think Atk Smoke is way more broken tbh
I wish I got more of it, need that shit on alot of units
But Spd Smoke do be bonkers tho you’re right


Atk smoke: +13 Def/Res and denial

Spd smoke: +13 Spd and DR

Thing is… Both only work on the most min-maxed units, and they are already busted.

NFU is everywhere so the denial is worthless against units who you’re most scared of, and lulls are becoming popular again so you’re at most getting +7 Def/Res out of it… Just like smoke 3.

+13 Spd swing is great, but again lulls make that 7, and aside from speedlords hitting 80+ on the regular, lethality and deadeye are rampant so 74% DR becomes 0 real quick. And not to mention, to get that DR, you need to outspeed everything by a LARGE margin. So on a unit like Nott or Dagr it’s viable, but on B!Marth? Not so much.


Dude. We already have threads for a lot of these things. You don’t need to make ones for every freaking thing that pops in your head.
Resplendent Faye, already had a thread.

Discussion on T4 smokes, already has a thread.

You’re bordering on spam at this point and at least to me it’s getting annoying. Actually scratch that, it’s been annoying for a long time. If you just want to generally chat then why not check out the AR-D threads, that’s basically what they’re for nowadays.

As for T4 smokes themselves, well the thread I just linked has discussed them quite a bit. They’re good and can be very strong but they aren’t without their drawbacks.


That’s still a ton of reduction, and I’m well aware you’re not getting a literal 100%.


I can’t quote that. >:(

When did people stop using them??? I always saw them as great skills.

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Im thinking of slapping the new Atk smoke 4 on my shannan to prevent those cheat followups.

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Canto became insanely popular so people slapped Traces onto all their cavs, while infantry often leaned towards NFU or Spd DR skills instead

But now people spam Bonus Doubler strats in Summoner Duels so Lulls are gaining traction again


But horses are very specific case, and it’s obvious you’d pick that over Lulls. If Infantry had that option, people would obviously lean to that.


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And horses are also one of the only two movement types that can get Lulls, so when everyone replaces Lulls with Traces on their cavs that dramatically reduces the amount of Lulls played period

They’re still very good skills, especially in Arena with all the Rallying that happens, they just got overshadowed by other skills


Honestly I prefer Lull’s over Traces, don’t get me wrong Traces are amazing, but depending on the unit preventing 2 sets of buffs can help a lot

I always saw lulz as 3 extra set of buffs. :feh_fayeshrug:

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I have to say i gave speed smoke to muarim and I’m KINDA regretting it. I’m only training him in the FB and he won’t be +10 til long, but I rarely get to combat enough time for the DR to apply and be worth it. He may be great once he’s complete, but rn i think I’d rather keep the spd smoke for other shenanigans (I should’ve given it to Lyre ;; ), or maybe should’ve i sparked Gusty instead?? idk… The good thing is that this banner is going to happen again because is busted, so we will be able to re-spark a bunch of months from now, with more knowledge of what are the best uses for these skills.


Yes, this is a weakness of these skills. You need to take part in multiple combats in the same turn for them to not be useless. I’ve mentioned it before, but they are most powerful on maps with a lot of enemies. Think Grand Conquests or any reinforcement maps, especially Abyssals. But most maps in FEH have only 3-5 enemies, which limits the potential of Smokes

Generally I think Menaces are the stronger skill for Arena because you’re usually trying to beat one enemy at a time (and it’s very difficult for a unit to be a one person army there), while Smokes are better if you’re trying to solo maps or simply fight many enemies at once


You’re absolutely right. I’ll try to make him work with a galeforce build in AR-O (and GC or similar modes), so i don’t feel I wasted it, which i dont think i did 100%, but i can be pretty negative about foddering rare units/skills.


That’s why I mainly wanted Lilith for her Catch (we haven’t had sparkable A/S Catch since Farina). The Smoke is just a bonus; I’m not sure exactly how well L-Nanna can use it, but it’d be nice to have on hand, and I can’t think of any other of my units who’d really like it

But I need a NY Lyre to do this. Hopefully the next DSH is kind


Tbh this happens to me a lot too. Probably only whales with all sort of premium fodder in their manuals have an easier time foddering 5* units away. Which is why I tend to overthink a lot when I need to deck out my units.

Imo Spd Smoke 4 is better used on PP units without sweep/desperation effects and without access to DR in other skills, and Muarim fits that category. So even if you may regret it a bit now he will most certainly put in the work when at +10 and max investment.

If you still have Divine Codes 2 to spare, a good idea would be to give him the F!Mareeta manual for FB4+NFU. With this set he has great synergy to use both a Galeforce set for AR-O and a special spamming set for PvE/Arena. Solid choice imo :+1:


Ohhhhh i didnt think about her, thanks for the idea and for the reassuring <3 i’ll see if i have enough Codes, i got a bunch from the SD rewards and I may afford it!