The next poll for "In the Mind of"

As I mentioned yesterday and a month ago, i wanted to do something special for the end of the year. A poll better then every poll before. So let us take a look at the special pool for December:

“In the Mind of” Guess the character edition!
Before you throw your spears at me and say this is boring, let me tell you everything about it, and then judge.
As you already know, it is hard for me to keep track which characters are popular or not. This leads to one sided polls, that have a clear winner from the start. The other characters have never a chance at winning, what really sucks for them, because this is the reason why I started this series to begin with. I wanted to give more light into less popular characters (Pelleas for example, really underrated) and not fuel the flame of the popular characters. I want to keep this goal and write more about less popular characters, but it would also be unfair if a popular character does not show up once in a while. This is your chance of getting a analysis of your favourite character for December, but there is a catch. Do you know your character well enough to vote for him?

The main point of this poll is, to make you all work together to find out which character is the right to vote for. Normally i simply tell you which characters you can vote for, but this time i will only give you one word. Yup one word that describes the character. This makes it even harder to decide which character it will be, because a character trait can be found on more than one character.

Because i am not a complete scumbag that wants to see you all suffer (If you all even decide to think about everything), I am going to give you some hints. First of all the word or codename describes a major character trait of the character. Next the poll will have one popular character, one really unpopular character and a character not from FE, so look out for that. The others are pretty normal picks.

I will give you the codenames today in the evening, so you have some time to think about them, before the poll starts next week on monday.

What do you think about this special? I really would appreciate your feedback on this topic.

As always have a great day and i hope some of you are going to try to unravel everything or narrowing down the window of characters.


So I have to think? :feh_lucishock:

Seems like a fun idea, I guess. I’m not against it.


Would be the best idea to think before you are going to vote.
I mean you can simply vote for something and do not think about who it could be, but i am prepared for this type of voting.

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I like it, it seems fun.

Nothing I’d change, it seems all is set for the guessing “game” to start :ok_hand:t2: looking forward to it!


Seems interesting.

I’m horrible at guessing but sounds interesting enough for me to at least try.


I mean i think it is nearly impossible to guess the characters that i am going to choose, but the surprise factor should make it entertaining for you all.


Sounds interesting.

Short but effective. :+1:

I’m intrigued.