The next TT storyline

Wouldn’t the next TT storyline a good opportunity to add base Freyr in the game ( in a NH banner ) ? I know he is dead and all but they could use bullshit magic n°457 to bring him back somehow.

Would be probably better than adding him as a random mythic “you remember that guy who helped you and died early in the story 3 books ago ? Well you can summon him as a mythic now”

My guess for the Rearmed is Triandra.


It’d be nice to see. Might actually get some more details in the next book too depending on what happens. After all, we’ve still got the cliff hanger of the dead and nightmare fairies teaming up.


I’d say that’s a plausible direction for the it. I’m sure the plot said the dream realms were expected to collapse and the minion fairies to disappear once the gods were dead but given they haven’t, they could do something along the lines of the bodies being killed but the role of the god still being alive with one dream and one nightmare fairy getting rearmed/ascended to either take over from Freyr and Freyja or to bring them back.


It could be but knowing IS they’re bound to add some new waifu instead, or give more alts to the many we got in book VI. Peony is basically guaranteed based on past trends and one of the dark fairies probably will too, my guess would be Triandra since her and Peony are sisters and all. Then probably some new OCs like with previous ones, I’d guess some new fairy for each side. Seeing actual male fairies would be kinda neat but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Give us Feh Jorgen von Strangle you cowardsósálfr_alt/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button/


I wish the game game followed a story progression rather than a bunch of disconected ones.

I dunno, like they need to collect the 7 dragon balls to send the summoner home or something


I like this idea, and if they wanted to they could. Freyr and Freya are dream gods after all, perhaps a younger version of them linger in the dream of one of their servants, and they manifest into real beings. Ok, that is a bit far-fetched… but I would like something like that.

Do they send the summoner home to reunite him them his family or do they want to get rid of the summoner because they’re a horny slavetrader warcriminal?


Thanks for reminding me just how underutilized the summoner being from our world is lol. It’s so underutilized that I actually forgot it was a thing until just now.

At least the summoner isn’t as bad as FGO’s protagonist in certain depictions lol. Gudako is a God damn psychopath lol
Crazy Gudako




Re-Armed Hellbender.