The Norne situation


While Norne’s weapon refine is better than I expected, it is still a bit lukewarm for me as she doesn’t really stand out as an archer and feels like they oriented her as a ranged tank.

Imo her weakness are:

  • No -1 cooldown
  • No true damage
  • No DR piercing

So as someone with a maxed Y!Innes, Jamke and Jorge I need to find a good role for her in my team. Here are some builds I came up with and I would love your input for this unit.

  1. Ranged tank: She already gets Guard + Lull on her weapon so I think Unity + DR from quick riposte fits this build

  2. OG Norne style: Double lull to take care of melee units (Not very good against ranged imo)

  3. All-In Speed: Is that enough? Imo there are better nukes for this build

Is Norne still in the gray area after her refine? She’s a ranged tank with no DR or true damage reduction so… what do you think?


The first option is definitely the best one with NFU support.


I’d go for the first option. I feel units as old as her need to focus on one thing so going ranged counter only is safer.

In terms of speed, she can do it but she’s struggling. I’m assuming your Y!Innes will outclass her for that role anyway.


I’d just stack her healing and %DR potential with Spiral 4:

If you have her Mystic Boost 4 in the B slot, she’d have a ton of healing per round of combat.


I’m a cheapskate, so double push 3 and Bonfire will have to do the job:

That said she’s pretty tanky even with these budget skills

Maybe I’ll get my hands on the necessary premium fodder to build her like this someday:


Wait till arcane bow.

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