The Nostalgia thread or things gone you'll surely miss

For me, there are surely 4 things i’ll miss in FGO.

1- Solomon’s Singularity battles.

2- Artoria lancer’s Grand Battle with her astounding theme in the end of Camelot

3- Hessian Lobo boss battles in Shinjuku and his story in general. (loved that he was so good to be able to even kill Jeanne Alter)

4- Onigashima --> the raid battles against Raikou, with the beautiful music theme (whose link i posted, if some people forgot the music played in that raid)

The one thing that I’ll miss most of all is the main story line.

I surely will miss my used SQ for Rolls :fgo_jeannu:


Romani Archaman




honestly, though we all knew it was rigged to be cleared in time, I think the way the solomon raids worked with a timer to the end of the year deadline constantly ticking down, the other pillars all doing stuff with in-battle prompts and progress info, their health bars all just ticking down together, etc might’ve been the best most immersive thing fgo has done yet

makes me really glad I was around for solomon’s release. since I feel there’s a pretty big experience missed out on by having to skip threse raids, and instead just doing the cleanup now

like yeah, it was all fake, but I absolutely loved the amount of effort put into making it feel far more real than it actually was

I can only hope whatever nasu/dw has planned for the final lostbelt of p2 can stand up to, if not top, this

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Iirc, there was a something about something event that brought back the Solomon raids for awhile. It was a while back in JP tho


jp spoilers obv

there was the barbatos raid for the case files collab, if that’s what you’re talking about

in which the jp playerbase killed off barbatos so fast, that dw had to emergency buff him with more health lmao

You do know that you can buy the soundtracks in My room for later listening, right?
But it is indeed a bit sad that we cannot replay past story battles, only cutscenes. I’d love to replay the entire Babylonia chapter again.

The changing map on some singularities like Babylonia and Agartha. I like how the music changed with the advancing mud destroying the cities and Tiamat slowly approaching and how the subterranean city became a sky city with pieces of it crumbling away.


This so much. Also poor Da-Vinci-Chan. They were so cute together. Yeah i totally ship them :stuck_out_tongue:.

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Coughs Spoilers Coughs

I’ll definitely miss the time the Merlin banner came during Solomon. The hype before him was fun to watch, the despair during the banner was freaking funny to see live,and it was just engaging to see all of that. Not sure if Skadi will give us the same despair, but I’ll wait with bated breath.

All the money I coulda spent rolling for Caster Nero and Rider Malter.
Instead, I spent $1500 the past week eating foi gras and expensive french food in Quebec.


Had i all those money to spend in food, i would do better things than FGO.

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