The Old Spider Spins His Web: Chaldea Boys Campaign 2021 Roll Thread!

“He is the organizer of half that is evil and of nearly all that is undetected in this great city. He is a genius, a philosopher, an abstract thinker. He has a brain of the first order. He sits motionless, like a spider in the centre of its web, but that web has a thousand radiations, and he knows well every quiver of each of them.” —Sherlock Holmes describing James Moriarty to John Watson in The Final Problem , by Arthur Conan Doyle (1893)

The time has come! Along with White Day, Chaldea Boys Campaign 2021 arrives at last for all of us male servant lovers. But this year, we leave behind knights and white roses to get caught in the web of our resident evil mastermind: the dapper, dandy and scheming professor himself, James Moriarty!

With a brand-new costume and a strengthened skill, the Napoleon of Crime will be the star of this year’s Chaldea Boys, starring in his very own event (since for the first time, CBC will have a full-fledged event!). Throughout a two-week banner, the sole equal antagonist to Sherlock Holmes’ intellect will be summonable. If you desire him to join your ranks, you might want to ask for the great detective’s help in catching him, since this is his last foreseeable banner in at least two years!

But an Emperor is never alone, and much less an Emperor of Crime that never sullies his pristine attire. With him, several servants will also get to share the spotlight, if only for a fleeting time. General pool or story locked as they may be, this is an opportunity to possibly obtain Servants that are rarely on rate up and may not spook otherwise. These are the Servants featured in the banner (hidden under cuts for convenience’s sake, with a small overview and fanart included).

Permanent ones throughout all the banner:

(SR) Assassin of Shinjuku

The last of the thirty-six Heavenly Spirits of the Stars of Destiny, Yan Qing is summoned in Chaldea as a devastatingly handsome delinquent with an easy smile. Fiercely loyal, he Skilful Star shines best while actively generating stars in crit teams, a very small niche but one he excels at.

(SR) Prince of Lan Ling

The man whose face was too beautiful for the battlefield, who covered his noble features with an awe-inspiring mask and gave everything for the kingdom he served. Gao Changgong’s experience as a general translates into a solid Arts crit support and a great alternative to more common Caster-class supports.

(R) Alexander

The young incarnation of Iskandar the Great, this genius prince can be a good wave clearer and somewhat fill the role of a budget Quick support with his two teamwide skills.

And the Servants featuring in the rotating banners, in scheduled order:

(SSR) Achilles

The infamous invincible Greek warrior, he manifests in our timeline as a reliable AoE Quick Rider. Whether you want to farm, loop or cheese hard content this brave warrior is capable of delivering. It might be a good idea to not have Penthesilea among your ranks though, she may scare him away.

(SSR) Vlad III

The real story behind the mythical figure of Dracula: a ruler that protected his homeland with an iron fist and skewered his enemies mercilessly. He incarnates as a well-dressed, knit-loving gentleman, but who will also serve as a ST Arts DPS.

(SSR) Nikola Tesla

This renowned scientist and inventor is a rare AoE Buster Servant given his story-locked status and scarce rate ups, but he’s also sought after with his hefty 50% NP battery and special damage imbued in his NP. You can’t go wrong with this Archer not-really-an-Archer!

(SSR) Enkidu

The Chain of Heaven and loyal companion of the King of Heroes, Gilgamesh. With a durable body and a powerful NP, Enkidu serves as a deadly boss killer, though usually better going solo given his card deck.

(SSR) Li Shuwen

A legend of the Chinese martial art of Bajiquan, this incarnation of Li Shuwen is summonable in the Assassin class with a simple but effective kit. Featuring a ST Arts NP, this great master is certainly worthy of being considered one of the greatest martial artists in all time.

(SSR) Arjuna

The protagonist of the Indian epic The Mahabharata, Arjuna is one of the most powerful and notable warriors in Indian mythology. Although often shadowed by his Archer peers, Arjuna carries a solid kit that will only get better in the future and devastatingly handsome looks. And no, what do you mean, of course I’m not biased!

(SSR) Cú Chulainn Alter

A devilish incarnation of the fabled Child of Light in Celtic myth, Cú Chulainn Alter is born out of Mebd’s wish on the Holy Grail. Arguably the most durable Berserker in the game, Cú Alter fuses the kit of his Lancer counterpart with an added offense given his class. An always reliable last man standing, Cú Alter will skewer any boss that stands in your path.

(SSR) Zhuge Liang (El-Melloi II)

Everyone’s favourite, overworked Caster! A simple, but earth-shattering effective kit makes Waver carry the heavy crown of best support in the game. And his second ascension is fairly nice as well.


(SSR) Xiang Yu

A very recently added Quick Berserker, this mighty Chinese warrior may not share the others’ looks but he certainly carries a devastating kit with him. Xiang Yu excels in crit-teams, with his NP being an amazing star generator. If you choose the right team to enable him, this warrior will wipe everything down your path.

(SSR) Ozymandias

The legendary King of Kings, the great Pharaoh also known as Ramesses the Great. This Great Ancestor brought Egypt to glory, and likewise, he is summonable as an impressive DPS/support hybrid. His “vanilla” kit is straightforward but effective, and his damage is not to scoff at either. Besides, his looks, deep voice and laugh definitely add points in his favour.

(SSR) Karna

The Hero of Charity, he’s a major character in The Mahabharata and a tragic hero. Soft-spoken but deadly, Karna can function as a farmer and as a powerful DPS, especially accounting his damage against Divine enemies.

(SSR) Napoleon

The genuine Napoleon arrives! Napoleon Bonaparte, famed Emperor of France and capable tactician, incarnates as a joyful young man with—ahem— a chiselled body and good looks! The embodiment of his people’s hopes and wishes, Napoleon can perform as a farmer or a DPS, with also a Noble Phantasm that deals extra damage against Divine enemies.


It’s also worth to say that for this banner, the summoning pool will consist exclusively of male (or gender ambiguous) Servants. This also includes story-locked Servants, which makes for a good opportunity to obtain in your rolls rare extra copies of Bedivere, Red Hare, Caster Cú, Antonio Salieri, Christopher Columbus and Caster Gilles.

Some extra fanart of these rare 3*s


I did not find any Columbus fanart so forgive me Columbus fans! :catlie:

Do not be fooled by some of these Heroic Spirits’ honourable appearances though! The End of the Spider’s Web (A+++) corrupts them all. Like the agents spread throughout London back when the Professor reigned over them all, they vanish in the darkness of a moonless night and only the mastermind remains… concealed in the shadows, always observing, always scheming… or at least until the clock hits 20:59 PST on March 21st and he forever disappears.

Good luck, Masters! Whether you aim for him, one of his “minions” or the beautiful CEs, may the gacha bless you and give you what you seek!


Extra Moriarty Art




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Nice thread


Great thread and best of luck to everyone getting their Husbandos!


@cinnamon_cheshire Splendid job! :fgo_moriartysmile:


Then my goal was achieved :fgo_skadilove: hope Moriarty will go easily to you!




Wonderful thread, i may do some rolls on one of the rate ups, maybe Enkidu or Xiang Yu



Nice thread, good job Chessie! :fgo_ereshwoah:


Yay! Husbando time! Really hoping to catch lanling at the least, but I won’t say no to yang, moriarty or some storylocked 3*s

Still debating between Achilles and napoleon day… Achilles will probably win due to being day 2 though



I’m not ready

Actually I am

My SQ is ready

Do your Worst Moriarty

Actually please come home fast, I will use my Special Ascension on you I promise


Good luck with your prince, Mysty! May you also snatch some nice husbandos in the way :fgo_iwillereshyou:



I apologize for not raising Moriarty immediately but I just don’t have the time on my hands to grind him entirely so I’m gonna cheat with Special Ascension at the Anniversary in a couple months


Thanks! I hope what I’ve scrapped up since new years will be sufficiently tempting.


I’ll throw some rolls at Ozy’s day as I always do when he’s on rate-up (he can’t avoid the ssr ticket though). Too bad it’s on the last days, so any event CE I might get won’t be so useful.
If I can get the last NP level for Bedi I’ll call it a win anyway.


Had to add from my own collection of art :fgo_drunkgil:


If Vlad wasn’t general pool (or even if it wasn’t a split day) I’d roll.

But I’ll wait for the free ST Arts 'Zerker instead.


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