The only potentially good users of seal skills can't even use them

By which I mean, staff units. Many of them have so low attack they’re only good for support, running pain and dazzling. At that point a seal is actually useful, as it can debuff for another unit to finish the job (which is the point of pain anyway).

Of course, staff units can’t use seal skills, because god forbid either is useful.


Alternatively, someone like a dagger who wants Quad Smoke would want it, but even then they’d only want Seal Atk/Spd so you can Atk/Spd Smoke and have them act like Dagger debuffs. Even so, why do that when you can just have Smoke Dagger or Sothe and free up B, C, and seal slots


I feel the reason staffs want it the most is the low kill power and firesweep effect and nothing else.

Other units who can run it would rather just actually kill someone, making it pointless. Staffs are like the single unit you don’t actually expect to kill with (for the most part, heavily invested ones/a few really good ones can still kill), which is the only time it would even activate.

There’s actually a couple of fringe cases I’d bring up. Off the top of my head Innes, Jaffar and Clarise all have a conditional firesweep effect on their refines, so seal or poison strike skills miiight have a place on them. The first two at least aren’t super competitive in terms of raw offense these days, but are still decent AA units because chip damage and no counterattacks is still really strong. You’d probably want seal Def or Res if anything though, to help another unit secure the kill, so Jaffar being a dagger anyway kinda rules that out.

It might be interesting to see healers being allowed to use them too though. I don’t think it’s necessary, though–dazzle Gravity + savage blow is already really strong independent of attack stats.

Does make me wish Feh wasn’t such a rocket-tag one-round-or-bust kinda game. Would be interesting to see seal skills and similar have more of a place, but probably that’s not happening anytime soon.


Well I guess there is Mist

Seal, Threaten, Smoke, and Panic all in one staff. And her attack is pretty low so she’s tailor made for weakening foes

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Poison strike is very good on Jaffar, though I prefer windsweep so he can safely chip damage most units.

Honestly seal skills have really niche roles that run counter intuitive to meta strats, so it really does feel like they are useless.

This build I run on Ashnard is probably the only time I have ever intentionally used a seal skill successfully, but it relies on having so much bulk to soak damage and apply the debuff. I actually kind of like it on him here as a janky smoke while freeing up my C-slot for panic smoke or atk/def rein (when I eventually get the spare fodder…). I even use this build on my dedicated Abyssal GHB team and he is easily the most reliable: soaking dmg and bottlenecking the map so that the team doesn’t get overwhelmed by the attackers.

Granted this doesn’t mean it’s even remotely a good skill… it’s mediocre at best and takes up a very valuable slot (although in this case the only competition would’ve been QR which is less ideal since I’m not running DC)