The perfect PvP pic

If this doesn’t perfectly describe the state of PvP right now then I don’t know what does

P.S. the absolute icing on the cake was the match froze while loading and then said Error Finding Match lol


You couldn’t make this up! :joy:

Yes I agree it is insane. I wished that I can record more, but this is a very good idea of the state of PvP.

This is a playlist, click on it and preferably watch every video.

If this is a good clue, there’s a very fat chance that this season will be worse, especially in open Masters or Premier.

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I just don’t understand how it was down for 2 weeks and comes back worse than before. That makes me think they’re never gunna do anything to fix it

I actually think it’s better than before. Less lag and less cheaters in my case.

Same. I’ve really encountered no lag, but every once in a while a quick move will sneak in where it wouldn’t have previously

Based on my own experience as well as what I’ve read on here and videos I’ve seen I’d say congrats cuz you guys seem to be in the minority. I’ve experienced so much lag

Most often the lag occurs when you’re about to KO the last enemy pokemon with a charge move. Really annoying and stressful when you can’t be certain if the 3rd shield glitch hits you.

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