The power of a bunny (or two)

Well. This Iduun is simply illegal. 42def and 41res and a lot of tanky abilities. I’m upgrading the seal.

Simply wow.
If you see something that s higher than 0, it’s because I forgot to put an ally near her.:sweat_smile: I’m farming PA for Aether. In total, if the enemy starts the fight and there is an ally in 2 spaces, she will receive is:
•atk/def+6 and res+2 (res+6 when I will max the seal)
•enemy can’t do a follow-up attack
•special cooldown +1 at every attack (enemy)
•special cooldown -1 at every unit attack
•grants a follow-up attack
•atk -6 and one other -7 (Atk smoke), for a total of -13.


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Yeah no people slept hard on Spring Idunn imo. Or maybe they were more obsessed with “Byleth but as an axe flier” or “wyvern lance 4 star” at the time. Hard to tell with seasonals.

Either way, Idunn is honestly the best duo hero in the game imo. Until IntSys adds a unit that negates bonuses including unique ones like Dominance or Desperation or Bonus Doubler she’s very futureproofed. Incredibly bulky stats even at +0, solid Atk stat, and a skill that gives her Dragon AND Armor Effective Negation for when she needs to tank a Falchion or Micaiah is just way too strong.

And keep in mind, with triple mythics at +10 she actually reaches 71 HP, which lets her bypass Panic Manor, so she’s not even gonna fall victim to that to destroy her kit.

Really sad I only got mine to +3 since the rerun was like the best lineup for me, but what can you do? At the very least I do need to work on her build because she gets insane with the right kit


Duofonse is better imo

Low effort bait but I’ll bite

Duofonse dies to anything with Pulse Smoke or Pulse Tie. Also on AI he needs to sack either his C and S slot or two team slots to get his kit started (which, again, gets killed by Pulse Smoke and Pulse Tie). Compare that to a Duo that just deletes all their counters and bad matchups.

The build I posted tanks literally EVERYTHING. Even the Legendary Valentians, with TRUE DAMAGE struggle to deal enough damage to Idunn despite packing NFU in their base kits. Especially when double Sparkling Boost is happening.

Bait? I’m one of the biggest duofonse plebs on gp, I get carried by duo alf in every mode except for one

You’re comparing a +5 Spectrum Buff with Follow-Up Negation to an effective +12 Def/Res Buff with Follow-Up AND Penalty Negation. It’s really no contest between the two.

yeah but the utility of duofonse with the whole active special thing plus a damaging and healing special plus not being a rolling boulder plus having basically a complete set out of the box is certainly worth a lot
both duo skills work well. idunn allows her to tank pesky effective damages, duofonse doesn’t have to run IP. in addition, idunn doesn’t come with DC. placing DC on her makes her whole tanking stick a lot more like duofonse. her weapon effectively grants +6 def/res, no follow ups, and no penalties. duofonses grants special cooldown, no follow ups, +5 spectrum.
i think when you compare the blue tome infantry to the armored dragon, and consider how closely their skills match, duofonse becomes simply more reliable for killing, being a healing-based tank, and having actual movement and good dual-phase abilities. idunn is great for enemy phase, and certainly can get more defenses and tank better. but she doesn’t kill reliably on player phase, and in order for her to run healing and damage you need aether on a unit that doesn’t get cooldown reduction.


The problem it’s that… Well, I started playing FEH since the old Free Altina. So I don’t have the New Year Alfonse. But I saw that’s very strong and so I’m farming orbs for it. And only a question… This Duo Alfone has close counter by himself or it’s just a build?

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he gets close counter and special spiral, and rouse spd/def or something that should be switched out for a smoke skill

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unlike s!idunn who i have and don’t use because she doesn’t do much but sit around and thats not very useful in any mode

Duofonse comes with cc, special spiral, a prf healing bonfire, def res oath iirc and an omnibreaker weapon that also gives +5 to all stats with his special ready. His duo skill gives -2 special cooldown to all infantry units. That gives fonse his special turn one and only pulse smoke and pulse tie can remove it

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imagine comparing Duos with different uses


that 17 Spd Lyon with Spd Ploy… :fgo_shock:


i mean both are effectively tanks
one just does it but cooler

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With the ploy he can double a Rein maybe

-caugh- :feh_obotank: -caugh-