The pride of Daein!

Now with all 4 with max merged glory!!!

The original carry!

The AR-D menace! (The last to get that final merge now!)

The originator of the Sturdy Birdie!

And the destroyer of Arena!

True glory in the name of Daein!!!


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I have a feeling that you like Micaiah, I don’t know why, just a thought. Joking aside I hope to not encounter one of this monsters


Congrats on finishing every last one of them! They all look great

excuse me B!Mici seems to have lost her seal


I had to change up my AR-D so that Kimono Micaiah’s merges updated so I had to change sets on OG for that and so the Sturdy Blow seal went there before I changed back OG to the CC build after locking the AR-D team again.

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why do i feel like ive seen that team in arena a few days ago

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They’re beautiful.

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That was beautiful from start to finish. Awesome Micaiahs, congrats!

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Can’t have been me, my arena defense has Ashnard on it.

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ah ok because i saw all +10 micaiah and i was like “fruck”

but congrats man! if i ever see that im surrendering

I actually just checked as of right now Duo Micaiah is the only one on my arena defense, the other 3 units are +10 Ashnard, +10 NY!Lethe, and +2 Jorge.

I think Jorge is the reason there isnt a second Micaiah, since he’s a bonus ally that maintains the all-Tellius theme.

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