The princess IS forgot (and I have forgotten to give her DF)

Well IS forgot about Priscilla but I did not, it sucks that she and other 3-4 star healers were neglected a refine, but in the end we have to use what we have to improve our favorites.
Its been more than a year since the 5 star healers started to get refines, I hoped that IS would gave her and the other healers refines but one year later and we are in the same situation.

Sure she needs the joint drive spd to improve her but eventually I will get it, but Premium why did you gave her this build, this is the mos t common overused build for offensive healer, well the thing is that she is an offensive unit in her game.

She even matches Pent for best anima user, sure she is 5 levels above him but this is taken from the final chapter in the battle against the dragon.

Anyway in other news I made a delicious Sandwich this week.

Thats all folks thanks for coming.



I do like her character a lot, and have her at +10 myself.

Congrats, always love to see favorite merge projects.

My Priscilla, for those curious


Tell me about it :pensive:! feh has kept me from building her even though I like her…smh no point now

The last Priscilla I trained years ago




You are never late to start building her, if you like, sure FEH did her dirty but nothing that some premium skills can fix, sure she wont turn into a destructive force like on FE7 but she has been of great use for FE7 limited GHB even if you have Brave Hector she can be a great colorless tome cav.
Previously I used her for AR-O because rehabilitate was really good bringing almost dead units back to full life.


Here’s my Priscilla. She has a variety of weapons at her disposal: Pain, Panic, Kumade, Gravity… To me her attack is very low so she focus on chip damage or debuff support. Would love a resplendent or a weapon upgrade one day


For me it’s too late,too much resources required for me just to make her “DECENT” unfortunately…it’s just not worth it,but I do like seeing other players show her love as she’s always been a “must train” unit for me still haven’t built my boy Raven yet and Rebecca is disappointing in feh despite her great growths



Well I have never used Rebecca but she is in dire need of a resplendent.
With bonus stats and the ninja yumi she would a very good infantry archer, you can also use the coral bow or spendrift.

I dont think is too late to build a unit except when they are grail units since that system requires a lot if you want to get a unit to +10 from zero, you dont need to max invest on her right from the start, just from time to time if you have the extra resources or you get pitybroken by a unit that has skills that can be of use to her.


May not be Priscilla, but my Clarine has been the one unit who’s been surprising me in the GC with how good she’s been


Sure GC is a mode that makes it easy to max Form skills, but hush you, let me have this!


I didnt knew healers could use lulls, I might make use of Lysithea.


Imagine having fodder.


I like how Priscilla just ends up capping every stat for everyone.
In my runs, she also capped everything except Defense tho.