The reason I quit AR

I never played Ar seriously. I took pleasure in eliminating maps. I suppose some people may call it a gaudy reason but everyone plays this game for a reason.

Maybe ar calms them. Maybe they just like to be competitive.

I am not competitive. But I do have opinions. I mean, we all do. I spent most of my time in ar playing unoptimally. I didnt use bonus units. I didnt run the meta. I didnt even use mythics.

Hell. My first few years of playing ar i didnt upgrade my fortress once just so I could enjoy the challenge of disadvantage.

Mostly. I had a chip on my shoulder and I took emminse pleasure in for me… Was punishing the player. Half if not more always shit on units and concepts I appreciated. And most if not all took the ez way out.

It could be that they over used structures specifically the bolt tower (turn one didnt really exsist beyond restore, which failed without debuffs.) Or time passed and they took the ez way out with a simple touch of a button… The worst button. The duo button.

Some duos realsed were quit unfair. Currently duo altina and duo lyn make the ease of which people can win basically cheating. Not everyone had a duo. Some still don’t. Not all maps could be built with one so they cannot feasibly stop it.

Defenses cannot use thier buttons (thank god).

Regardless. The point is I hated running into trash and I needed to get that frusteration out. Because not only did half if not all take the ez way out (who wouldn’t) you would all also trash things I enjoyed because you had an Ez and Optimal way of play.

That way of play didnt possess a skill beyond “I pressed a button” and “I waited till turn three”

So. Essentially. I played the way I wanted.

One day a friend of mine pushed me to at least run the ladder’s. I didnt enjoy the ladders. I mean. If I lost I should be penalised. But whatever.

Anyway, I was told to build a scoring team because people there actually care if a unit dies. And apparently maps are a lot more difficult to beat.

Long story short. I spent a lota time gettin my ass kicked before I figured out how to handle maps better.

I had fun developing strategies for the common map lay outs. And I even dabbled in building a turn one map of my own.

All of which suited my standards. Because I hate all if you therfore you all deserve to blow up to the very units I enjoy.

But It got tiresome. Not defense maps. But peoples ar0s. Tanks became unstoppable. A flyan with far save would gut half of strategy. Tossing lyn with a duo peony gutted nearly everything in a single turn. Duo altina ignored all forms of thought and essentially told a defense “fuck you” by being able to maintain her hp stat and ignore flash + healers.

The progresses tward heavily kill a defense and people who do play the OTHER HALF OF THE GAME were fucked as no matter how cleaver, knowledgeable, or interesting there map was… It didnt matter.

Now after some time I realised. I dont enjoy this anymore. I never played for rewards or ranking. I played because everyone was going to watch me end thier map. I played because the Revenge REMATCH button was my best friend.

I needed an outlit for my frusterations and making yall watch me end your map with a reinhardt or kempf was golden delish. Even more so because it was by a standard most deemed “unviable” or “outdated”.

But quit a week ago. And seeing this new structure I think I made a wise decision.

I read several times that demanding players to essentially “git good bro” is elitist.

Well. Yea. It is. Thats what it means to competitive. You earn your place among the elite players who earned it themselves. They also were forced to deal with the difficulties of ar and they also made thier way through with the best they had.

They earned it. Because no. A set of +10 mythics may help you become a top 1000 but they wont help you not suck.

So yes. I don’t want people to ignore strategy.

But apparently asking to do so is “gross”

Telling the competive players above you to “adapt” is a joke. These turn one maps existed because they had to adapt to the broken that is AR0. Now that this is gutted because you didn’t want to figure out how to “not bait sigurd” shows just how little you understand about the struggles competitive players work agasint.

Tbh. I wonder if its even elitist to tell people to learn how to play the game.

Either way. I quit a whole while ago. And its good I did. Because no matter what. This mode is damaged beyond what I can find enjoyable.


…this is a Gwendy’s.


whos a gwendies.

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The structure isn’t even out yet


Im always ahead of the game. I quit before i knew it exsisted young one.

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I can see the frustration, but…

I don’t quite understand why your thoughts are so fixated on hating the rest of the playerbase as much as you seem to have been doing for the longest time. Everyone’s just trying to win, and they’re using the things that Intelligent Systems is making available to everyone through orbs.

Should players be blamed and flamed for using cheesy methods to win, or the creators of FEH for making the competitive landscape of AR like so?

Players who refuse to adapt will still lose. I doubt the new changes will magically make everyone’s problems on AR-O disappear, they still have to learn to use the fence to their advantage.

And you’ve been making this very “competitive vs casual”, telling others that they suck indirectly by using “half-assed offense strategies”, and saying here that the “casuals” don’t understand “competitive” struggles.


From what I understand from how you’re framing things yes, it’s fairly elitist calling yourself and some supposed “competitive” group superior for being able to “thrive” in the current AR landscape.

So honestly? Good riddance that you quit if the reason why you think this way stems from your time playing AR. It’s hardly anything but toxic and you’d do well to drop it.


You’ve been part of all the same conversations she has, so I think you know what she means when she says she hates the player base.

This is true in most groups: not everyone, but quite a few people in a competitive setting are cutthroat, petty, weasily, snide, stuck up, arrogant, and grossly overcompensating. Those are the people she hates. Those are the people, in every setting, that ruin things for everyone else.

People who shit on your ideas and pose no alternative solution. People who always think they need to get the last word. People who try desperately to knock others down in an attempt to make themselves look or feel better. Those are the people, in every setting, that ruin things for everyone else.

Those are the people who deserve get their asses handed back to them in spectacular fashion. Those are the people who do not learn their lessons and must be retaught over and over. And @TwoHitsOneCup was the person to do that.

But at every turn, it fostered even more petty competition. With every new unit, every bullshit skill or statline, with every new YouTube defense, there had to be an equalizer. And she was the one to show us how useless our efforts to innovate and adapt were.

But then the button came out and ruined it all. I was partly to blame for that realization. Then LynJa came out, and everyone was gifted one. That cinched it. And that, along with the avalanche of bullshit IS has vomited out recently, contributed to ending a career that I wanted to see go on forever.

… Oh… And I think there’s one thing everyone who thinks the #bitchgate is a good idea is missing:

Whales fight whales too.

It doesn’t work to throw a team of +10s at a team of other +10s if you have no game plan or foresight. Everyone is dealing with Gurd, Fedel, save skills, cav lines, etc. The number next to that units level doesn’t matter, the strategy does. The same strategy that will take out +0’s will take out +10’s, I promise you that.

But all the arguments I’ve seen the past two days claim that isn’t the case. All the noise I’m hearing is that “ARD was too hard.” Well guess what? It’s not supposed to be easy. That’s why they don’t hand you the max rewards every week: you have to EARN THEM.

So saying good riddance to someone who’s been making you earn it for the past year or two is a death knell. For all of you.


Thank you zeus. I learned alot. :feh_reininherit:

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I did my part.


I like how all this crying posts are “git gud”. Really feels like playing with 10 years old friend back in the day


I happen to be 10. Its a respecible age. Thank you for your patronage


The players who still want to take Aether Raids seriously will sooner or later learn to adapt and bring units to counter a single defense / offense even if that unit is not among the player’s favorites.

I agree that “telling people to adapt” sounds like an excuse to “get good”, but that’s exactly what adapting means - you need to slightly change your playstyle if you want better results in your gameplay. Heck, I hated the idea of completely changing my Tempest Trials teams just to counter Spring Myrrh, Nifl and the annoying common units like Duessel and the Grimleal Morgans. But it had to be done and I moved on.

If you want to make an unusual team in your defense showing your loved units, you should be prepared to have that team obliterated if they’re not meta or there are some obvious exploits to that strategy. My opinion? If I want to make a theme team, I want first for people to notice how much I love the characters, how much of a fan I am.
The defense victory is only a consequence. If I succeed, hooray.

But if you get frustrated about players thrashing your creative defense, then it’s obvious you’re not finding pleasure in that. You either make a different team or continue showing the world you love those units.

It’s not often that we can have both of the good outcomes, sadly.



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Keep it commimg gp. I still love you all btw.

No hard feelings

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