The Return of EX Raids

With Niantic announcing today the return of live events could we soon also see the return of EX raids?

Then I thought further and I don’t even know what Pokémon they would feature in EX raids any longer. I can’t see it being Arceus, who I would put money on debuting next year around the time the Legends of Arceus game comes out on the Switch.

Maybe Manaphy or Shaymin?

What about possibly releasing Mega Evolved legendary Pokémon in EX raids? It would encourage people to continue to raid at the EX locations to get the mega energy to feed the mega evolutions.

Do you think EX raids will return soon, and if so, what bosses do you think we will see?

Might be a good way of getting the two primal forms out. I don’t know the canon tho, are the primal forms supposed to be a further evolution of the original legendaries, like megas are, or are they’ their own beasts?

In the MSG the only difference is Mega evolution has to be triggered manually, Primal forms are active at the start of battle.

I think the last one was Regigigas, so whether it’s the new way of staggering the release of paid event ticket pokemon, formes such as the Genesect drives or a way of revisiting others with shinies or exclusive moves, I’d say it’ll be along those lines.

I expect anything mythical would be more suited to specific paid ticket events, or a theme for one day of big shows like GoFest.

Whilst I don’t personally believe the Mega/Primal formes could go EX first, the fact that there is only one Mega per round does make it a possibility.

For the simple fact that I’ve never done an EX raid, they stopped just as our town got EX gyms, I’d hope that they’ll come back soon. But given the difficulty with balancing a lot of other stuff that wasn’t in the game (or at least as developed) when EX raids were a big thing, combined with remote passes and if you could have a remote EX pass how would it work, especially if the friend who remotely invited you first time either can’t contact you or didn’t get an ex pass, I’m not holding my breath.

Not going to happen until the pandemic ends, which I think is also not gonna happen.

In my experience Ex raids were a headache, that I really hope never return. They have two annoying problems for me: the availability, because of work I could only get to the ones that were on Saturday or Sunday, and they make people only raid on Ex gyms, so was very hard to find people to do raid for regular gyms.

Now because Niantic is Niantic, the ex raids are likely to return, and yes is very highly probable that legendary mega raids will be there( in fact some months ago I remember that it was data mined some text relate to that), although mega raid main point is to get mega energy … So relegate that to ex raids doesn’t seem practical, so I don’t know how it will work.

As for why there is only one mega option know on raids instead of the usual three…come on, no matter how many people hype them on media, megas continue to be a very unpopular mechanic on pkm go, having three options instead of one on raids just make it worse, the the change is for the better.

On one hand, EX raids felt…special, I guess. Especially when Mewtwo was out, given how highly desirable it is. It was cool seeing the special EX pass appear in your inventory, and there was a sense of excitement about the whole thing. It was also fun meeting up with community members for those raids. Often time, we’d combine the EX raid with a group lunch or something.

That said, the timing of EX raids was often atrocious. Nothing worse than the ones that got scheduled at 1pm in the middle of the week when most people are working/in school. On top of that, it was pretty annoying when I’d coordinate raiding at specific gyms with other friends to try to trigger EX passes there, only to get an invite for a gym I raided at once out-of-state.

So in the grand scheme of things, I’d probably lean more towards being fine if they never came back. They probably will though. I remember dataminers finding code in the game related to EX mega raids.

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I wish EX raids would return but I think it would be irresponsible for Niantic to return EX raids while much of the world’s population are NOW at their Co-vid peaks. Sadly Niantic does not always think globally in their planning but instead think locally (ie Northern California is the universe to them). When they suspended EX Raids, the USA was sadly in Covid crisis but for much of the world,we were OK. Now the reverse is true so let’s see if Niantic understands that.

they gonna release al Genesect’s burn drives, one by one rip😂 reminiscence the switch from Legendaries too Eevee (for 2 months instead of 1) in research breakthrough? don t underestimated them moves boii

They may implement remote ex raids passes? Haha yeahh the 1pm on a monday ex raids were impossible and also gyms 50000 km’s away from home