The rol of valk

So i kind disagree with the things that gamepress say that valk niche is NP looping (because the quick loops were a mistake because DW underestimate the Whales knowlesh about the game mechanics), i don’t really think that she have a real niche outside of the IK to demonic in her NP, but then a question came to my mind “what is the real rol of valk in a team?”, So for that is this thread, let discuss about what is her rol inside a team.

A Quick-centered DPS, pretty straightforwardly. Selfish kit, built to sustain and keep up the pressure (even with Surehit), with some flavorful anti-Demonic IK. I don’t think she’s very complicated at all. Point her at things, try to make them explode.

(Also “Quick loops” is not in and of itself a whale’s game.)

I’m making her my Lancer tank.

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That wasn’t the intention of that part, i say it because they discover the quick loops thanks to a whale, not that quick loops are a thing on for Whales, sorry if the comment sound that way

Ah, I see now. Fair.

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Can you be a DPS if your attack is bad?

Her NP isn’t bad, she have a quick versión (that last three turns) of mana burst flame

Well, yeah. I didn’t say she was the best or even uniquely notable in her role, just that it is her role.

I mean that her attack power is bad. I forgot about her first skill.

And her NP gen a good amount of stars by her oun

Valkyrie has silly high bulk for her class and rarity. Can’t think of much else to really distinguish her.

As for role, I don’t think there’s another identity to be uncovered. She’s a very straightforward farm-friendly Servant.

Even if you took looping comps out of the equation, you’d still use her for her NP; looping just makes it more efficient and cuts down on the number of starting NP gauge CEs and additional AoE NPs you need to be packing.

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Her atk stat could not be the greatest but she looks like she was made to be focused in her NP, generate stars and tank, those are the things that i see that she can do

I’m guessing they added NP Loop as Valk’s niche because of the very near Skadi and her blessed Quick Up and NP Charge. Also, they added it early so they wouldn’t have to add it in two week’s time.

Just a guess tho

It’s definitely on the lower side. But with a dose of Fous and perhaps Golden Fous, you can rectify that if you really want to use her (as I do).

And a couple of grails, would help, especially for a Lancer.

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Yeah you are right, the Fou’s help and her 1,05 for been a Lancer make that 8000 something in to 9000 something more

I’ve been using Valk with Jeanne of all people (and Mash, backline Memelin and St. George) and honestly it’s a very tanky team. Sure Valks Np seems mend for farming but it can in my opinion output steady damage over a number of turns, made all the more easy by her ability to loop, especially against multiple enemies. She seems quite good at being a damage dealer in a somewhat stall team. In terms of synergy, there’s not much to look for between the traditional stallers, Neet hime seems like a better option but I don’t have a Neet hime (to borrow or of my own) .
The only thing I can confirm is it doesn’t matter if I don’t roll Skadi, I’ll use Valk anyway, she’s slow but I don’t mind as she has a fair bit of sustain ( which a lot of people seem to forget). I have Parvati but I think I’ll use Valk also.

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Oh yeah solo is not tanky.

But I still plan on using her after swapping my supports

She’d be 20k HP

That’s glorious.

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