The Role of Fou after the first story arc

What do you think of Fou as a character?

While being a mascot character, in the first story arc he had more significance. However, in the second story arc he’s reduced to just a mascot again.
While there are some scenes that I think he works well in (such as being aggressive towards a certain character in the prologue, as well as when he’s used for comedy), but at other times it seems he’s just being inserted into conversations to remind us that he exists. For example, Goredolf is explaining the history/lore of Scandinavia and Fou just randomly says something and the conversation continues. What is the point of inserting that without any kind of actual interaction with Fou, either comically or foreshadowing?

Personally I’m hoping he regains power and helps us out at some point later on, maybe even becoming a servant (I mean, if they’re bringing in ORT, might as well bring in its competitor for most efficient human killing, Primate Murder). Or if they don’t do that, at least use him for comedy when bringing him into conversations, don’t just insert him for no reason.

Anyway, those are my thoughts, let me know what you think of Fou in general and how you think he should be used in the story.


Fou’s pretty chill for being the Mascot, although tbh since Mash can translate for him (to some extent) it would be interesting if Fou (until/if he regains his power) helped the cast more via instincts, like wanting to go a different route after sensing danger etc, and maybe has more comical moments in events.

Ngl that would be super cool, although the story will have to somehow justify bringing back Primate Murder after the whole end of part 1 thing.


This part has always bugged me, since we know mash can translate… except when it’s plot convenient for her to magically no longer understand (lookin at you, LB 2…) and that just screams awkward writing to me, cuz it becomes dead words that could just have not been included for all they add to you the reader.

I’m all for scrapping fou from the writing tbh, but i’m biased in that i despise pretty much all mascot characters across JRPGs. Could see fou being used as a weapon by the enemy in the future for whatever arbitrary reasons, but ehh. Fou’s done in my mind.

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Well, we have Kiara as a servant, so it’s already possible for Beasts to become servants, just with reduced power from their full-power Beast self (some of their skills get demoted in rank, but Kiara still has Beast passives, so it’s not like we have a different version of her, she’s still clearly a Beast to some degree). As for lore reasons, Fou was ‘defeated’ peacefully and used his built-up energy to revive Mash. So it stands to reason he could build up energy over time again or be super-charged by some story plot to regain his strength at least enough to turn into his offensive form in battle situations. At least that’s my take on how they could make him a servant while still keeping their mascot character to probably sell plushies or something.

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Actually now that the characters are out exploring, Fou is being used slightly better. Still weird that Mash suddenly isn’t translating (when Fou reacted to the birds I immediately thought of Odin’s ravens, but Mash didn’t translate what Fou said, so who knows if that’s right or not), but he did sense the giants sooner than Mash did, so that’s some form of effective use in the story. Hopefully they keep it more like it is now rather than how he was used in the very beginning of the Lostbelt.

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That would be ideal for me. I like Fou. He’s cute, he saved Mash, and he learned to move on from being Primate Murder. Him being in the LB, for me, helps in that not everything has to be dark, somber and angsty.

Since anything is possible with the writers’ hand waving, Fou’s sentience might come back. Though for Murphy’s Law reasons, I’m guessing Cath comes back as an enemy.

If ORT truly does come for future chapters and Fou’s sentience and power returns for humanity’s sake, there better be a Kaiju battle.


I guess it’s possible, but I also wouldn’t want them to go back on what happened in the first story arc, so I’d prefer him to be a surprise ally at some point in the story. Also it’s a little unclear whether Cath Palug and Primate Murder are just different names for the same creature or if they are notably different by being alternate universe versions of each other, but either way I’d like a Fou-based servant, whether it’s this universe’s version or an alternate universe one.

Definitely agree, that would be cool. Though we don’t really know how well Fou does against large threats, we just know both are quite good at slaughtering humans quickly. ORT we know has taken out bigger threats, and as a Beast, Fou probably could too, but not sure how well a Beast stands up to a Type.

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Yo, I didn’t think of that. It’s also possible for Primate Murder from a different timeline/reality to hop in, murder primates and still keep our original Fou/Cath Palug.

Would be cool if Nasu releases, like, I don’t know, power levels? Ranks? for Nasuverse characters. Although this is all in service of me and I don’t want to bother our Lord and Saviour for power tier lists.

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  • After LB is done, history will be restored and humanity can thrive again.
  • Fou is a Beast that rises when humanity thrives.
  • Nasu wants to write vampire story after LB is done.
  • Fou has a history with vampires.

That’s enough hint for part 3 I guess. But two years from now does look like a long time.


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Ah, I didn’t think of that. Would be kind of annoying for Fou to be just a mascot all the way through the Lostbelts, but I suppose having a decent chance of becoming relevant in the third arc is better than nothing.

A big fluffy fou similar to lobo could be interesting. Since apperently main character gonna change in arc 3 not sure if its possible though

Don’t know where you heard it but if Ritsuka’s gonna bite the dust, the way she should die better be heroic or somewhat happy.

I expect a funeral from all the servants. Ritsuka poured out her soul (money) for you guys.

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Maybe in the future, Cath Palug will regain some power and goes round 2 catfight with Koyanskaya.


It’s simple. We bring Fou to Camelot again (assuming the theories for LB 6 are true). He reunites with Merlin then BAM he’s back to being a semi-intelligent murderous beast.

If there’s one thing FGO writing does, it’s keep running jokes running