The Saber Wars Roll Thread: X is Here! :fgo_mhx:

There was Mysterious Sporty Seiba who, while riding her Dun Stallion II

met a Smol Lily Seiba in some terrestrial blue world.

Though unexpected, the Mysterious one and Lily one got along, and by the goodness of their ahoges, I mean Altrium they formed the heroic front of the Anti-Seiba Counter Unit to resist the overwhelming numbers of Saberfaces and other cosmic villains . . . And of course their coalition was anything but unchallenged— the Sabers and darker forces rose up.

True chaos had ravaged across the servant universe! uncertain, the force was.

And now, by means of space-time relocation plot mechanics,

You, Master of Chaldea find yourself in this universe-wide predicament. It is time for the cosmic wars to begin and for the rolls to be had!

The Saber Wars have begun!

To those valiant space-fighting Masters involved, remember to strike with your high energy oscillating SQ Sabers at the Banner’s weak points as well as use Quartz Fragment-ary plasma grenades when necessary. If the Altrium Force is with you, you might just make it through the RNG SQ-resistant composite armor.

In addition, forget not your greatest RNG weapon, the anti-matter Altrium-based Ticket projectile. Given a proper utilization a successful penetration of the Gacha Shield could yield tremendously high results.

Shall you succeed in breaking through, this Ethereal X-Star beauty will be liberated from the evil forces of the RNG faction and assist your cause with 100% extra effectiveness in battle for maximum Altrium gain Effectiveness!

Altrium Bonus:


May the Ahoge Force be with you space-fighting Masters.

:fgo_mhx: :ringer_planet:

Note: I have no idea what happens in the narrative yet (have been avoiding spoilers :fgo_mhxastare:) so I just fancied up an attention grabbing intro up there. Other than that Best of luck!

May you summon the Best Cosmo Seiba! :dizzy: :star2: :ringer_planet:
Or get your desired CEs, whatever it might be!


If anyone but you had made this thread I would have been disappointed tbh

But you’re 2 days early damn

Also, good luck to anyone rolling; the CEs for it aren’t great but that’s not why you’re here, is it? Go for the MHX and forget about the Archer class.


Also, for anyone who gets her for the first time, do her Interlude series for the Anti-Saber games and get back to me I loved the story for it


I could fall ill and die from Corona in two day. No way I’m letting that chance be there. (No way I’m paranoid. :fgo_lipburrito:)

Plus, I remember other pretty early Roll threads!


They’re getting released earlier and earlier it seems each time :slight_smile:
Are you satisfied with the NP level you have or are you rolling yourself?


I’ll be rolling. I need one more copy for NP2 at least. Limited Resources this time (because of X-Alter) so Saber Wars II will be it if I fail.


Precisely. :face_with_monocle:

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I’ve been looking forward to this banner for a while now, but it would be nice if the Rate Up I want wasn’t the last one in the rotation for once. With Summer 1 Tama/Mordred was last, in Summer 2 part 2 Raikou was last, at Nero-fest Bryn/Bride was last (technically. It cycled through them a few times), And now MHX/Mordred is the last one. I guess I’ll be waiting until the 21st for my rolls.

It’s frustrating, but it is what it is, so I suppose there is no sense complaining about it too much.


Pleaae, do not take it for a brag.
But for a proud owner of MHX NP2, i cant stress enough how useful and entertaining she is.

For people jackless like me, she is also a wonderful star generating servant.



Was hoping for a “X gon give it to ya” joke on the roll title. Oh well!

Yes she’s useful as a star generator until Merlin/Jack came home


I’ll be here, patiently waiting for Foreigner X to arrive this summer. Drop-CE can’t exactly tempt me,and Zaynab’s sabah-bracket of the crew is all set and ready to go as is. I especially look forward to Hun Queen Altera wrecking this event in her NP4, lvl 100 glory.

All those rolling, may RNG-gods smile upon you!

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@Zero-Ordered-1 PLEASE


just stopping by to wish you luck, first ticket let’s go! :fgo_ereshlove:


I won’t roll for her since I already have her and I prefer her alter version that I will use a lot during this event (again it depends of my lazy ass or if I need gacha CEs).

I wish you all good luck.


I am so bookmarking this!


Is mhx worth throwing a couple of yolos gameplay wise? I ask gameplay wise cuz waifu wise is an obvious and resounding yes.


From my understanding, she gets pretty good with Skadi and once all her buffs are done is on par with Jack as best assassin.

At least till Kama is released…


She has great internals (NP gen, stargen, passives) and is the only 5* assassin with Riding until Kama, and still the only one with Riding EX. She’s definitely the only one with such high ranks in both riding and (not) presence concealment.
She is the first servant with four strengthening quests, so all skills get buffs and her NP has an interlude. I’m pretty sure we don’t have all of them yet, however afterwards she is in a very good spot with all enemies defense down, invuln, and charisma tacked on to her release skills. That does mean she might be a little lackluster right now.

She does compete directly with Kama, and there’s no Rider seibahface, but otherwise she’s much more solid than what people credit her for.


Maid Alter and Santa alter


Forgot about Maid Alter, but I don’t think you fight Santa Alter anywhere besides that event’s CQ?

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