The Saberwars Chainsaw Massacre

saber Lily, MHX and their seven friends run out of gas while driving to their universe. one by one they are tormented and killed by a purple chainsaw-wielding killer and his karoshi friends.

starring NTR knight and his karoshi friends. enjoy.

(didn’t use the dmg CE, that would be overkill and turn this into a one-sided bloodbath)


FYI we have a thread for these

Artorium Hunt - Saber Wars Rerun Challenge Quest

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Beautiful use of the Crit Lord of Death. Makes me wish I could summon a few more another ending

i missed this one. sure will post here now. thanks for bringing this up, i didnt know.


well, everything has a price. in exchange for that mlb another ending, i couldn’t even summon a single kscope for the last 2 yrs :fgo_insane:

well good luck.

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