The Salt(ier) Repository - Grand Re-opening

:confetti_ball::confetti_ball:Welcome, one and all, to the grand re-opening of my fair establishment. :confetti_ball::confetti_ball:

Carnival Full

I apologize if I kept anyone waiting. Renovations took a little longer than expected, but now our doors are finally ready to re-open to welcome you all once more.

To our regular guests, please do come in and feel free to make use of our usual services as you always have. For our newcomers, allow me this moment to explain the purpose of this establishment.

Have you ever experienced that moment where you see a golden or rainbow-colored light and you feel the faint stirrings of hope welling up in your chest, your heart rate rising rapidly in anticipation and then, when the light flashes and the spinning stops, you see exactly the Class you want. Or perhaps you even had a silver card turn golden all of a sudden and the same feelings emerge.

Then, you hold your breath as the card stars to reveal itself. You can’t help but hope, nobody can help it, as you wish and pray with all you have to get that one Servant you want, your beautiful and breathtaking waifu, your handsome and dashing husbando, that infuriatingly gamebreaking hermit, or that one elusive missing piece to your dream team.

Have you ever had all that happen only to cry and weep, wallowing in the deepest pits of depression, or perhaps you rampaged in anger, like a raging storm that came from nowhere, as all your hopes were mercilessly crushed by the cruel God called Gacha?

Have you ever restrained yourself for countless weeks or months, saving up all those precious Quartz from every corner of the game, the weekly logins, the master missions, the first 100-day logins and the subsequent 50-day logins, hours of maintenance, countless repetitions of free quests, the near endless stream of events, the strengthening of bonds between Master and Servant, and even parting with a small, or even a significant, portion of your hard-earned wages, resisting the lure of other, less important and grand rewards, only for everything to be stolen away in a single instant with nothing to show for it?

Have you ever fought against an entire legion of soldiers, crushed countless beasts underfoot, and slaughtered the greatest and fiercest of dragons and giants, all in the name of advancement and the betterment of one’s self and one’s comrades, seeking out the prizes and treasures they have hoarded away, only to march home empty-handed, shamefaced and unwilling to face those who eagerly await your victorious return?

Have you ever dueled against the greatest of mankind’s heroes, facing them in mortal combat as you pit your meager strength against the might of legends and myths, only for victory to slip through your grasp at the very last moment, your foe’s bellowing laughter echoing in your ears as you pull back with your tail between your legs? Or perhaps you secured victory, only for your foe to refuse to honor the agreement, stealing the true victory from you at the last moment and denying you the prize which you have so desperately been seeking out for so long?

If so, then you are in the right place.

Here, you are among kindred spirits. King or Mongrel, wealthy or destitute, all are welcome and all are equal, for Salt does not discriminate.

Repository Drink

Here you will find countless others who share your pain, people who have been betrayed by their ideals and beliefs (No, EMIYA, you situation is different from our guests here), whose hopes and dreams have been shattered and scattered to the four winds, who find themselves clinging to the very last of their sanity in a desperate bid to continue with their mad quests.

Repository Family Repository Temple

Repository Girls Repository Strangers

Feel free to rant and rave, to cry and weep. For the people around you are those who understand your pain the best. You need not fear judgement for your failings and weaknesses, you need not repress the dark feelings in your heart, for we too have been where you are.

Repository Protags Repository Darkness

So come in, have a seat, and be welcome. Share your tale and find comfort in knowing that you do not suffer alone. Take advantage of our many services and take a moment to rest and recover from your arduous ordeals.

Repository Staff Repository Maids

And, when the time comes, provide comfort to those who come after you, for it may be your words that uplift them to grant them the strength to once again rise to their feet and bear their arms once more, marching off to face that which brought them low.

Welcome, dear Master, to :salt: The Salt Repository :salt:

One final matter…


As this is the Salt Thread, there will be enough Salt going around that I don’t want anyone feeling worse than they already do because someone shared something good here.

I and many others understand that sometimes we can still feel salty over getting a gold Servant that we did not want, especially when it is of the same class as the one we are after. Even so, let’s try to be considerate of those who rolled, or even spent actual money, yet did not get a single gold Servant, even a spook.

Troublemakers, especially those purposefully spreading salt via humble brags and the like, will be appropriately dealt with by the mods if need be.

Repository Trouble

Thank you for your understanding.


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You had to write the big intro xD


Of course. XD

Presentation is everything after all. :rofl:


I might as well start then
11 tickets for circe
Not a single gold card(ce included xD)


How the hell?


Ooh~ I rival shop has opened its doors I see.


I’d share my salt but I can’t roll for Eresh yet so… :woman_shrugging:

I expect I’ll be partaking of my own establishment’s services once her banner comes in.


Ahh, so much delicious salt :fgo_bbgrin:


yeah i barely threw the tickets
expect me to build a tent here when we get hokusai and scathach xD


I pretty much live here already. :upside_down_face:

Cheaper than renting a separate apartment. I’m deep in QP hell as it is. :rofl:


eh don’t get me started xD
i don’t even have enough embers
so qp and mats…yeah lol

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The only salt I have to share for this fine place though is spending 30 sq on my alt account cuz why not and got a gold lancer card. It was Vlad. Now I have him sitting at NP4. Hmm, and here I thought my NP3 Valkyrie over on JP would be my highest NP gold servant for a while.


Ah I see Hallstatt is back

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@LeiCiel add the fgo/fluff tag


Friendly reminder that Salt is a way of life :salt:


I am feeling special.

Lowly mortals who eat salt because you fail your rolls.

My salt is passive :innocent:

I can’t afford rolling for Cat Caster so i am already eating salt.
I don’t even need to roll for feeling salty.
And still will in the next week, before i will get over it :worried:

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I probably won’t be able to buy any packs of SQ all month, but we’ll see…

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I believe we already had a conversation before about ‘perspective’, correct? Even if you mean this as a joke and not as an intent of making fun of others, saying something like this when others are salting could cause a misunderstanding.

Please be mindful of your choice of words. :neutral_face:


I should book a reservation here iust in case…


Go find other seat. This is reserved area. I’m a regular here.