The Salt(ier) Repository - Grand Re-opening

Noice. Now I’ve grasped the concept. Thanks.

Soon, my Lord will come. It can’t be helped.

And i’ll get her. And she will conquer everything. No more “who’s better servant” thread in which she loose.

All bow to Lord Nobunaga and she will show mercy. Defy her and be crushed like an insect.

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BB: That’s cute.

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How come she looks more feminine here but ingame, less so? RITO PLZ!
(Oppsies, meant to say "DW PLZ! hehe Force of habit)

Can’t wait to use in battle the trinity:

Avenger Nobunaga, Archer Nobunaga and Summer Nobunaga

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“Spits Coffee” :fgo_coffee: :fgo_davinci_coffee:

She’s an Avenger?!:exploding_head:

Is it to take revenge on some us not taking her seriously? :fgo_jeannu:

Yeah, thought you’d know that there’s been quite a bit of talk that’s been around her when she was released several months ago.

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Seriously you did not know that there was also an Avenger version of Nobunaga?

This is a serious lack of respect toward her.

Lord Nobunaga does not tollerate ignorance by her retainers

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Sumanai… :fgo_jeannu:

Now go and NP5 her. Maybe then she will forgive you

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The only NP5 version of her I have is Archer. Zerkernanga is still stuck at NP1 and 6/7/6 ehe :fgo_jeannu: :fgo_dshy:

See? That’s why you are not really a retainer.

Me? NP5 Archer Nobunaga, NP4 Summer Nobu and on her Avenger Banner i plan to bring Summer to NP5 and (hopefully) Avenger to NP2.

Then i’ll be satisfied

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I’m pretty sure she’ll love someone so greedy like you. Bonus points if you bat for both teams.

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I have the luck of having not so many servants that i desire in the next years banners.
I can and will save for Nobu

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Noice. Saving for Odysseus meanwhile, until I decide deliberate on whom I really want

If i have to say what i want… Nito Assassin, MHXX, Nobu Avenger and Okita Assassin.

Summer Melt if i can

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Spent most of the day playing catch up on the Saber Wars ladder to get that tasty Lore. Even after spending apples, in the end I managed to only make it to 1.93mil on the ladder. The reward within sight and within reach. Yet an illusion. So close, yet so far.

Like The Flash. Like Quicksilver. Like every other speedsters. No matter how fast they are, no matter how much they run. They are always a few seconds too late.



Ah yes. Very relatable. I know very well how “Ephemeral Dream EX” feel like… Sumanai…

Oh god I feel your pain. I only made it to 1.6 million because I had no gold sabers except for Sieg-lame.

(I mean, I know his animation gets updated later, but right now his NP is laughable. He says a word, and a tiny bit of damage happens.)

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