The Samghata node is not recommended right?


I just wanted to make sure (because I want to both clear out the shop and need ghost laterns) that the Samghata/ Assassin node is not recommended even if you have a mix of gatcha CEs?

Edit: for the record I got 2x 5*, 4 x 4*, and 4x 3* Event CEs .


With your bonus CEs, you’re better off focusing your CE bonuses at specialized nodes instead:

  • Max 4* bonus for Kalasutra (then Tapana when it unlocks)
  • Max 3* bonus for Sanjiva (then Maharauva when it unlocks)

Using the calculator, we can put some numbers on it:

Assuming 800 AP total, and split between Tapana and Maharauva:

  • Kalasutra w/ G+1|S+6 = 134 G 607 S
  • Sanjiva w/ G+1|B+6 = 143 G 698 B

Which yield 277 Gold, 607 Silver, and 698 Bronze currencies.

Whereas if you just run Samghata for 800 AP, you’ll yield 100 less of each currency instead.


Thank you very very much!


I have one exception that MADE me farm this specific node: Ghost Lanterns. I have Yan Qing, and I needed several of these to fully ascend him. It happens the drop rate for Lanterns in this node is particularly good, so if you, like me, are in desperate need of this material, give it a try. Otherwise, skip it.


That is exactly why I asked. For the servants I have and two I plan on getting soon I am needing ~29 lanterns for ascension and another 45 for skills.

The thing is I also need octupet crystals, gears, feathers, and mana prisms. Lots of mana prisms. Cause I will need to buy and MLB Mona Lisa so that I won’t be in qp hell for too long raising these characters.

My hope is to clear the shop and have apples left over to farm Samghata for laterns.


I’m in the same boat, but I need horseshoes (and I hate farming that node in Camelot).

Already got 2 (and a Gudo-O!) to drop today so hopefully tomorrow will give me a good chunk before the better bronze node opens and I need to abandon this one. :(