The Saviour of Quick? Summer Skadi predict'o'guess!

She will be:

  • Quick Uber Support (Supportive NP)
  • Quick Uber Support (Offensive NP)
  • Quick DPS (AoE)
  • Quick DPS (ST)
  • You want to see the world burn (any Arts/Buster type)

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Her kit will be:

  • Loop focused (with crit buff focus)
  • Loop focused (with NP buff focus)
  • Stall focused (i.e. Green Merlin/Tama)
  • Crit focused (i.e. Himiko/Van Gogh type)
  • Self-buffs (QSH/Super Orion type)
  • A DPS looper

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Her NP effect will include (damage related buffs include self 3t buffs or party buffs etc, so this applies regardless of whether you think the NP is offensive or supportive):

  • Atk up/def down
  • Quick up/Quick res down
  • NP strength up/NP res down
  • Evade
  • Invincibility
  • Anti purge-defence (Castoria effect)
  • NP regen
  • NP gain up
  • Flat NP increase
  • Damage cut
  • Def up
  • Special def up (Vs trait)
  • Crit up
  • Powermod up (Vs trait/niche)
  • Death immune
  • Debuff immune
  • Debuff cleanse
  • Buff removal resist
  • OC up
  • Other effects (e.g. taunt, explain in comment)

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If voting loop support, how will she enable Quick?

  • More battery
  • Flat NP regen
  • Quick specific NP gain up
  • Flat NP refund on all Quick cards (including NP)
  • A new gimmick (expand if you have ideas)
  • Star count based effects (like Jane, includes any vote for 50+ stars gaining value)
  • Cooldown reduction

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What effects would you -want- to see the most?

  • Card manipulation
  • Affecting characteristics of Quick cards (like the 2 Koyans)
  • Trait/attribute powermod
  • Bonus effects from star count or excess stars
  • Stall capability
  • NP buffs (i.e. NP strength/NP gen/NP regen/OC up)
  • Big crits
  • Damaging, semi-supportive NP
  • Other (explain in comment)

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Quick has no real sustain so I can see them adding like a Merlin for quick, would go well with her being a ruler too.


This world isn’t worth sustaining anymore

See it all burn


With skill cooldown so we can laugh harder at Blue Tamamo


a semi support semi dps. If Koyanskaya/tamamo can do it Skadi can do it too.

I’d like to see her with a deck override system similar to Summer BB or Bunnytoria. Basically leverage the uber buffed servant by giving them priority in card draws by replacing her own since Quick is the most face card centric of the decks.

If she has buff removal resistance, that’d be pretty insane too.


The sweet cries of progress!


That loop support poll was supposed to be 2 choices as it’s unlikely she’d only use one of these. Bah. Maybe replace it with a new copy? Yarp, that worked as editing the original failed. You’ll all have to vote on that again.

I dont even think she’ll be quick tbh

They regularly change complete focuses and kits with summer alts so idk why she would be different


Because Quick is in the fucking pits and they featured her as the centre of the 7th anni illustration, plus as the theme bringer of the summer event, and have just released:

  • Arts Merlin
  • Budget Arts crit support
  • 60% gauge pure atk Arts CE
  • A faster Melusine adjacent Buster uber looper
  • A new Buster MC

If they want people to pull Quick then this is the time to do it. Buster/Arts have a -full- roster of supports. Quick just has Skadi. Now Quick can have Skadi and Skadi.

I’m gonna go out on a further limb and guess Ibuki as a Quick AoE because Berserker ubers for the other card types exist, with 2 ubers and 1 decent SSR in Buster AoE.


They often keep servants in the same card type though. Its a toss up at worst

Ngl I don’t think there are enough quick lobbyists in lasagna hq for them tk care enough about bringing it back

And even if she is a quick support, summer alts aren’t exactly meta setters


To add:

Skadi is hyped up. They intentionally kept her NP under wraps, and teased her at 7th anni. Lady Avalon is the prelude for Summer. No way they are going to make the Queen of Quick a meh pull after Lady Avalon; they have no issue with back to back super supports (Koyan/Oberon yo).


This Summer has broken all precedents for Summer Servant trends:

  • Uber Support (summer) Arts Not-Merlin
  • No Wada Servant
  • No CE based Servant
  • 3 SSR banners
  • Welfare not available until the Epilogue



Even if they keep card type, they normally shift focus so you dont have 2 of the exact same unit

Like summer raikou is buster like her og but they’re completely different in terms of function

You only get to choose one of the 3 existing Valkyries, but they all come with another 2nd Valkyrie (costume) from a different group of 3.


OG Skadi got buffed into total crit focus, she’s not really an NP enabler anymore. She also has no real stall capability. Absolutely loads of room to play.


Doing things slightly differently isn’t some big groundbreaking shift

And the CE based servant thing has probably been a coincidence up to this point anyway, and 3 ssrs isnt even a good thing

Ofc I could be wrong, but I dont think she’ll be quick, and if she is, she probably won’t be some fantastic support ushering in a new quick era

Everything is speculation though so :feh_lucyshrug:

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She’s front and centre on the 7th anni illustration, the one sold as the key art. Why would she not be an uber Servant? Because lolswimsuit? Lady Avalon is a better Merlin and in a swimsuit.