The Schedule?


What is the NA Schedule exactly, I’m somewhat confused about it;;;


NA schedule is almost exactly as the Japan schedule minus 2 years. Basicallly Japan is 2 years ahead of us. Note there are some variations in the banners we don’t get some of the banners jp had but they don’t get some of the banners we have. But events and everything are roughly the same.

Basically we are doing the 2017 Japan schedule this year


Here, Kaliicha made a compendium of all the events and their rough dates (just add 2 years, as mentioned above). Quite a handy resource to have.


I had made a thread about this, you can check here.


There are videos on YouTube, like from shotgun shogun, kei collections(?), G&A reviews, kita sean, among others. I personally like watching these fgo-related vlogs.