The seasonal I want


A banner with cooks would be kinda fun!
You know Oscar, Rebecca, Arvis, maybe even Mozu.

Oscar can be even more like Brock!


Please Rebecca alt with better art


I completely misread this. I need to go to bed, lol.


That made me think of a banner with crooks. I would pay a lot of money to get a copy of Roy and Lilina dressed like the Hamburglar


then it would be 4 man Leon banner :see_no_evil:


Would be so much better than spring or bridal banner, even without cooking-related characters.

Now I want to make a silly montage xD


As long as Arvis isnt on the banner. That joke is more dead than Sigurd


I still want a Casino themed banner with Joshua, Innes/L’Arachel, Anna and Frederick. Maybe Ursula as a TT reward unit.


Nah man, that joke is still lit.

Just like Sigurd


Anna TT gambling reward could be fun. The funniest part would be writing a Paralogue for it and it could be about FEH as a whole


No its actually worse than Reinhart smile. A part of me dies everytime I hear that joke. I learned when I was growing up that the most important part about telling a joke was learning when to shut up after the punchline. I wish the internet had that skill


Brevity is the soul of wit. I’m not really into that joke


Apron Deirdre and Barbecue Daddy Sigurd? APPROVED


True maturity is not giving a shit.

Take it from me, because I’m smart 'n stuff


It’s a little too early for another Myrrh seasonal, so instead I’d be fine with any other unit that doesn’t have one yet.

Maybe armored Nowi to round out the armored dragon seasonals? @Cartamoneta


Armored Summer Nowi, she’s armored because her straw hat is too heavy for her lol


I can already see her at 180BST.


No Please,I Don’t Want My Girl Summer’s Alt To Be NSFW’d.

I Also Want A Chritmas Nowi


Se Succede Io Mi Ammazzo.


Now that’s my type of banner lol