The secret of a God - Spoiler Alert

He calls himself a humble when we found him at Talys.

He forged Falchion and had a son with Naga, many years later he taught Anri to fight to beat Medeus. In the war of heroes and against the shadow dragons he appears to Marth again and his humility in not wanting to end the war but to use the strength of a true warrior. He disguises himself as a fragile man who just wants to help heal people.

He closely observes the hero’s walk. Even though he was the hero Naga fell in love with his strength. But if anything goes off track, it appears to show its strength.

Tip turn him into a sword master so he will release his Berserk mode.

In Fire Emblem Heroes he observes all these gods and the sadness of such arrogance by Loki, Thor, Goats, Sutr, Hel and the like. But he prefers to hide in a 3 * unit. But never doubt him who offers the weapons for Anna to sell and divide continents and make dragons pets.

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Just kidding, I found it funny to make a sword master.


I normally don’t like this meme

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Egads is that a grand total of 3 Str? Damn.

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