The Shape of Things To Come [Poll]

Exciting times ahead!

This poll’s for the future 5 and 6 star operators.

Same drill, choose your favourite 3 from the list.
And feel free to leave some comments about who and why.

I didn’t include the welfares, but there should be 5 of them in this period of time that’ll probably end up taking us through to the Anniversary: Bibeak, Sideroca, Absinthe, Folinic and Scene.
There’s also a bunch of 4 stars coming, but sadly, I’m not even going to give them a mention.

Remember to vote for up to 3!

  • Andreana
  • Asbestos
  • Ayerscarpe
  • Bagpipe
  • Beeswax
  • Ceobe
  • Chiave
  • Elysium
  • Leizi
  • Leonhardt
  • Phantom
  • Rosa
  • Sesa
  • Shamare
  • Suzuran
  • Thorns
  • Tsukinogi
  • W
  • Weedy

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I only actually want Shamare, lol.
But apparently Bagpipe and Rosa are going to make my Zima stronger, so I picked them too :slight_smile:

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Voted for Elysium, Phantom, and Thorns. All for one reason. As to what reason that is, I’d have to quote the most relatable character in all of fiction: Squidward

“Oh no he’s hot!” :fgo_dshy:


My main pick was Bagpipe, since I like her a bit too much.

Other 2 are, well, I had to choose someone in order to make the poll creator happy so I chose W to cheer for a friend and Coebe since she has the same Illustrator as Angelina (one of my top favs).


Bagpipe is a 6 stars dp-on-kill .
Beeswax for the design(i need a Nito in Arknights), i don’t even know her skills or talents.
Weedy is a 6 stars specialist pusher, maybe the most powerful pusher with her skill 3 and a water canon(pusher) as bonus.

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Oh no, she’s started weaponizing cuteness



I choose W for the limited. Elysium because who doesn’t want sniper supporting myrtle equivalent and Bagpipe which I can say the only dp on kill I’ve leveled is Plume to e1 level 40. Honestly the W banner is all around great imo. I am already saving, I don’t mind waiting for Bagpipe if it means more rolls on the W banner.

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My top 2 are Weedy and Leizi because they’re both super cute and have cool animal origins (I love sea dragons), but the 3-way tie at 3rd between Rosa, W, and Bagpipe breaks my heart :x not to mention the double Skade ikemen. Had to go with Rosa in the end.

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Weedy, Andreana, and Ceobe.
Weedy. I love her artist, hence why Frostleaf is my most favorite operator design wise. And i already love FEater as an operator utility wise, i see no reason why she’s not one of the best pick for me.
Andreana. I love playing around with Skadi and Provence, she’s going to be one hell of a good combo for them. And i just generally love her archetype, i have Ambriel and Firewatch at E2 already. And with warfarin and Sora’s buff, she could easily reach 6000 i belive, i doubt that her drawback is that bad of a drawback.
Ceobe. I also love the artist that draws her, and Angelina is one of my favorite operators. I also like her voice btw. People did say that she has less priority because Eyja exist, and i do have her, but she plays differently so i could careless about that. And i usually handicapped myself by not using 6 stars, or good 6 stars on my first attempt(you know how broken Eyja is right?), so i think she’ll be a good operator to mess with.
Notable mentions
Suzuran and Shamare, they are cute and OP
Beeswax, i like her design
Bagpipe, i guess because of her E2 art and because she’s the next OP operator to pull.

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Ayerscarp, Elysium and Chaive.

I’ve got plenty of waifu. Its time for some BALANCE.

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Poll’s closed.

Our little community continues to grow.

W edged it, asbestos was the dunce. Makes sense I guess.
I mean how on Earth did they decide that drooling was a good look?


I sure don’t need W.

I’m set with the sniper i have.

Especially Black Panter Schwartz. She’s just a big grumpy cat. While Blaze is the unpredictable and hyperactive Cat.

…in fact, Blaze reminds my aunt’s cat.