The Sherlock grind

OKAY SO I felt like I had to make a post about it because JESUS FUDGING CHRIST.

I don’t always pay attention to the upcoming banners so imagine the utter despair that I felt when I learned that the Sherlock banner was coming right after I wasted all my SQs trying to get Hijikata … So I farmed and tried to get to 30 SQ and rolled … one time : nothing !
Second time : nothing !
Third time, with the help of the SQs from the event … TWO STHENOs … At this point I felt enraged but I managed to contain myself and I’m proud of the fact that I didn’t even burn them (I’m trying to respect the Gorgon sisters out of my love for Medusa and the Gorgon herself).

So today, the last day. I started out with 13 SQs and spent almost all my day finishing Shinjuku and then farming. I finally reached 30 SQs at 3AM and thought to myself “well at least I should go out with a bang, maybe get Sassy-shin or Lancelot NP2 if I’m lucky”.


When I got the Devilish Bodhisattva I was honestly ready to give up, CEs can make me happy but most of the time they make me depressed since it feels like they’re robbing me of my luck.

Anyway, Sherlock Holmes is one of the servants I wanted the most since I got in the game so I’m not ashamed to say that yeah, I teared up a bit.

I hope people reading this will get a bit of my last-time luck, especially the ones ready to throw their quartz at Okita alter.


Congrats there.

You mean 2 Juliet, right? :fgo_daishouri:



Carnival Full

Glad to hear you got him in the end. :grin:


My experience was sort of similar. I wasted 150sq just to get a bunch of outdated 4* ce and 3* servants I already have np5’d, and I was ready to give up. Then we got the 10sq reward from guessing the murderer, so I was like, ah hell with it and did single pulls, and sure enough, at the last of the 3 pulls, he shows up


Congratz. Sounds like me last September on Merlin banner. Knew nothing about the meta since I started in August (a month prior) so spent all singularity SQs on summer banners. Grind all free quests, interludes, etc. and luckily he came and I was left with 2 SQs.


Congrats! Let me counter this success story with my own horror story.

Having decided to roll for all the big supports first, I’d already failed to roll any of the SSRs in Caster Class Summoning Campaign 2 (400 quartz) or Tamamo in the Onigashima banner (400 quartz). That’s fine, I thought, I’ll save up until Merlin’s banner in September. By that time I’ll have around 1000 quartz and be sure to snag him.

Lo and behold… 1000 quartz later, and still nothing. By that time, I was panicking. I scrounged together all the remaining download campaign quartz, appled to finish every single interlude, rank up, and free quest I still had open, and bonded every servant within 100k of the next bond quartz reward. That gave me about 170 additional quartz. And still… nothing. 1970+ quartz down the drain, with nary a single SSR to show for it.

By that time, I was fuming. I’d already gotten over the original stages of depression, and rage had set in. I was determined to roll for Merlin no matter what, even if it meant re-rolling a hundred accounts. Little did I know how inefficient and slow re-rolling was!

By the 3rd additional new account, I’d given up on rerolling any more. It was simply faster to accrue quartz by running through the singularities for main quest and completion quartz. And run I did… all the way to London, with level 1 servants on 3 newbie accounts. The quartz kept coming in, and I kept rolling… but still no Merlin, and still no SSR. What a nightmare.

Finally, on the morning of the last day of the banner, I had enough for one last 10 roll on the 3rd new and very last account I created. Lo and behold… gold sparks, and finally the accursed wizard showed up. By then, I’d spent around 2800 in accumulated quartz across 4 accounts – to roll a single SSR. No spooks, no nothing prior. To rub salt in this injury, I’d barely missed the SR ticket on this newest account by a day.

And that is why I currently play 3 accounts. Is this a grind success story? I’ll let you decide. :fgo_insane:

Postscript: The cursed alt is currently at ~2040 quartz without a single SSR. Currently banking 1k+ quartz so I can hit the 3k futility mark on Skadi’s banner.


OHHHH, this also happened to me during the recent Waver banner.

I rolled 4 times on nothing but 3 ☆ servants and 4 ☆ CEs (i think i got some 5 ☆ CEs, don’t remember coz I was laughing hysterically at my shit luck.) I had around 26 SQ left, and had a way to get 4 more (Ascensions and or Ranking Up rewards). So at the end of the day i got 30 SQs from the grind and said “Oh what the heck, atleast one more and I’ll go sleep”, and there it was… a Waver…

WTF DW?! :feh_hecstare:


Hope this doesn’t happen to me with Skadi. I don’t have 1000 SQ but I expect to have close to 900 probably if we count tickets as SQ too.

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Thanks !

Lucky you, I’m honestly terrified of singles cause on one hand it might always be the one but on the other hand… SQq that could have been saved up just a bit longer and could have give you what you wanted can end up wasted.

This was so painful to read, it makes me want to never try to roll for Merlin again … But the success was there so I’m glad you finally found your happiness amidst all that misery.

Well congrats to you, I actually broke my f2p record for Waver so I’m glad I got him (for 30 euros I’d have killed someone otherwise).


I don’t mean to be a downer, but the rate for a solo rate up ssr is 1%.
that means on average, you should be getting an SSR every 300 saint quartz. (yeah gacha always seems like a lie, and luck is luck is luck, but I’m trying to be realistic)
to get an SSR with only 120 quartz is considered pretty damn lucky, and it would seem pretty odd to be enraged at 2 sthenos when statistically speaking that is considered very lucky

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Well when you’re trying to get one of the servant of your dreams but get spooked TWICE by one of the servant you care the less about is frustrating, no matter the odds.
Add to that the fact that I also wanted Yan Qing and got false hope once again, TWICE, when I saw the assassin card turning to gold. Plus there is also the small matter of having barely enough quartz at each of my roll so each time felt like it could be my last.

I don’t think y’all understand how the gacha works. the SR rate is SEPARATE from the SSR rate.
by the way if you get an SR while rolling for SSR, thats NOT called a spook. especially since stheno was on rate-up.
if you were rolling for stheno (SR, rateup) and got carmilla (SR, not rateup) or something, that’s what we call a spook.

As I said, I wanted Yan Qing so…

Well when you’re trying to get one of the servant of your dreams but get spooked TWICE by one of the servant you care the less about is frustrating, no matter the odds.

yeah and im telling you, op didnt get spooked. op got exactly what they were rolling on.

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But I’m the op lmao
As much as I wanted Sherlock, Yan Qing is the assassin I want the most (after Papa Hassan) so I really wanted him too.
AND I wanted NP2 Lancelot.

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I’m genuinely confused. did you correctly choose to roll on the yan qing + sherlock banner on the 14th and 18th?
or did you roll on a mixed rateup banner with stheno on it?
because if you rolled on the stheno rate up banner, that’s on you.
if you rolled for the yanqing + sherlock and still managed to get 2 sthenos, then that’s truly sad rng.

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Yes I did, I only rolled on the mixed rateup banner yesterday since it was my last chance.

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ah come on mate, you can’t blame the gacha for giving you a rateup servant, especially on split rate up.

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I just said that I got Stheno when she wasn’t on rate up, I was answering your first question … :(

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ah my bad then. although your initial post is still confusing, because SR and SSR rate are still separate, and it implied that you got angry at stheno when you were rolling sherlock.

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