The Sieg/Para/Waver (or Skadi) Looping Team for GilFest

I guess it’s that time again.

Wasn’t sure if this merited a separate thread, but I figured the resource-constrained might want a dedicated thread to discuss – and prepare for – the more budget-oriented team for GilFest which circulated on Reddit a while back.

Those who are less roster-limited should continue to visit @jakeyb’s excellent GilFest Farming Thread and spreadsheet for a discussion of all viable teams (including 6-slot teams and even more reliable setups), and not just a single one.

As has been discussed in that thread, this particular team consists of Paracelsus, Sieg and Double Waver, which is capable of running 5-slot bonus. Since you only need your own Waver (or Skadi) for battery purposes, this is a relatively budget team, especially since many players have already pulled for Skadi, have their own Waver, or have plans for Waver’s banner right before GilFest. Obviously, this setup can clear the main match, which is all assassins, in three turns without a problem:

But it can also 3-4T the Qualifiers:

and the Finals:

u/TCZapper recommended skilling up to at least 6/8/10 for Sieg and 3/8/8 for Para with the Double Waver comp. 10/8/8 for Para if you’re subbing Skadi for Waver.

For Sieg, you’ll need at least 90 fangs, 48 medals, 10 hearts, and 8 scales for 6/8/10.

You’ll need 16 dust, 22 gears, 22 pages for Para at 3/8/8; 48 bones, 48 dust, 33 gears, 33 pages at 10/8/8. There’s still some time, so remember to save up these mats if you intend to run this comp!

More info can be found here, including what to do if you don’t have your own Waver or Skadi:


Thank you, this is very useful :fgo_ereshlove:

Do you know if there is a way to get caster gems (other than dailies) before gilfest? To level up para and sieg’s skills I’ll need 50+ gold gems and 60+ blue and red gems each… :catlie:

Man what a big sad i dont have sieg :fgo_ereshdistress:

Don’t worry, paper bags are super cheap.


I checked my compendium expansion here ( 1/2 AP Event Compendium Expansion ) but all I see is 15 gold caster gems in the Fate Zero rerun event. Checked the cirno link and it was 15 blue and red gems as well. So you’re going to inevitably have to farm the dailies, it seems. That, or you could try to scrape by for 30ish boxes in GilFest itself until you got the remaining gems you need, but I dunno how much I recommend that route since time is precious in the lotto.

Most likely you’ll have to put in some time in the dailies before then.

Thank you, that’s so good to know. I’m not opposed to farming dailies, but the drop rate of gold gems is soul-crushingly low, so knowing that at least one event is going to make a dent is a huge relief. :D

… as is noticing I’ve miscalculated and only need 40+ gold gems. Every bit counts.

Caster Gems are the one exception to the rule, I believe they’re around 52.1 AP per drop, which is several times better than the other classes. I don’t know why Caster drops are particularly good; maybe DW realized how important Caster supports are for everyone :fgo_casgilworry:


Maybe? Whatever the reason may be, good for us.

Anyways, time to start farming gems… :fgo_casgilworry:

It will be my first lotto, but surely there should be time to raise a single servant, right? Like, that takes maybe 5 min max. Just do it before you go to sleep.

I will have to raise waver during the event, if I manage to roll him on his rate up during the prior event.

Does Paracelsus’ 2nd skill needs to be maxed or just his NP generation buff?

In the end it’s an “arts up for everyone” so level it as much as you can is a good thing. I just straight up go for lvl9 for example.
But it’s more important to manage your mats, gems, etc. So if you low on anything that might feel like important later, i’ll say wait until gilfest start and then start leveling necesarry skills.
Considering i reach 10 blue caster gems (and still not level sieg’s skills) that’s what i do…

Thanks, I ask that because in the matter of Caster gems i have none.

Skadi ate every single blue and yellow gem i had left.

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No bronze mobs diluting the enemy spawn pool. This means gold enemies spawn way more frequently who drop the yellow gems.


That’s super obvious and I’m offended I didn’t realize it until your post.

Don’t hate me :fgo_dshy:, I took a while trying to figure it out since I was so curious.

Back on topic, I think during the main match if you don’t have waver but do have Tamamono, you can probably loop with a kscope. I was testing the closest hp level all assassin FQ and tama (bond ce) and paracelsus and sieg looped it with just artic. I’d probably plugsuit support waver (or Helena or bride) for the extra buffs and charge to enable replacing the bond CE for event CE, plus probably needs the damage boost in Gilfest since main match has attribute disadvantage enemies while my FQ testing grounds had attribute advantage.


Thought I might bump this since it’s still Caster gem day for those who still need them for prep. Probably should’ve done it earlier, but I’m loath to bump my own threads.

For those who are really min-maxing, the Accel Zero rerun should have 15 Caster gems of every color from quests and missions. Otherwise, don’t expect any further help in that area before Gilfest.


This thread is very useful, thank you. I’ve raised Sieg to 6/8/10 and Para to 3/8/9 today. Now praying hard that I will get Waver, if not I’ll use Skadi :slight_smile:

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How easy is it to farm fangs? I need around 43 for sieg ( including from f/zero rerun)

Thanks from me also :fgo_ereshlove:

Sieg is 6/8/10 and Para is 3/6/6, so zero rerun should be enough to get their skills to needed levels. I’m only now realizing I’ve left para at level 60, but embers from zero shop should take care of that. :sweat_smile:

I’ll also grab all atk fous I can. :fgo_daishouri: Dunno if I para needs any so I’ll start with Sieg.

New Chicago (Deming) in America is considered the best node for Fangs at 27 APD. It’s 17 AP per run, so around 1 fang every 1.5 runs. Overall it works out to an average of 10-11 fangs per day on natural AP.

Jungle Hiking in (seeds, fangs, feathers) and Moss-Illuminated Fields (fangs and claws) in Agartha probably have better AP value overall by virtue of being mixed material nodes, but their AP per drop for fangs are significantly worse (42 and 50 APD respectively). Overall I calculate around 28-29 AP value for them, so you’re gaining AP if you need any of the other materials (being 21 and 20 AP cost nodes), but it may not be worth it if you really need to rush fangs.

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