The Splendid Soiree hell

So far I got so many pitybreakers on that banner and really had a hard time getting special units.

What I had gotten so far:

Nino SF (+Atk/-Res)
Lugh (+HP/-Def)
B Ephraim (+Def/-Atk)
Dimitri (+Atk/-Def)
Kliff (+Def/-HP)
Nino SF (+HP/-Spd)
Yarne (+Def/-HP)
Loki (+Res/-Def)

I was happy about getting my first Dimitri and Nino SF and there are also some great fodder units but I was also annoyed for not getting a single special unit.

I decided to do it one last time and if I get another wave of pitybreakers, I‘ll accept that.

Thank god I got finally blessed!

I also like their IVs. :slightly_smiling_face:

I still have 90 orbs left and didn’t got Berkut and Nephenee but decided to stop and keep the orbs on the special heroes coming in october. I will also try to avoid the mythic banner. Spent way too much here and have to be careful.


I’m planning on saving up orbs until the end of the banner, then spend them all at once. Currently at 144 Orbs

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Yo, nice! Glad you finally got some of what you’re looking for.


yeah this banner is garbage

but those are some good pitybreakers minus nino

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You got a Lugh and a +Res Rein!
you know what that means
Lmao, only joking a little bit, but like you could make a magetank Rondohardt

Well crap

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That’s a good plan I hope you get what you want from this banner.

Flier Nino is pretty good, watchu mean?

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no fodder + alt I dont like

and shes just decent

Yeah, guess it comes down to opinion. I think swift sparrow 2 is alright fodder though, as well as Nino being good herself. She’s a fast-hitting nuke, not the best but she’s above decent to me

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We just need one more Reinhardt alt and Reinhardt Emblem is thing.

Why? Because Reinhardt is everything.

Oh god I really need to play Thracia one day. I just wish Nintendo bring out a Remake of Genealogy of the Holy War and Thracia 776.

Flier Nino at least has Aerobatics and Spd Smoke which aren’t easy skills to come by, plus she’s still a great unit who holds up well to her competition

as someone with spares, its not worth it lol

If you insist :feh_nino:

Well sucks to hear about those pity breakers, but glad you got them.

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