The Spring Prince of Ylisse is finally done!

After many and many months of accumulating Divine Codes for the Radiance Path, my Spring Chrom is finally complete!

Given enough investment, any unit can be amazing, and that is something I intend to prove by using this Chrom here on a consistent basis. The power of Bonds shall be his strength. :fgo_ereshlove:

Just look at this pretty little boy. :fgo_ereshwoah:

Yeah, I guess I don’t much to say besides that. :feh_bylethsmile:

What about you all? Which path are you going for? For what fodder/possible merges? Feel free to share and I’ll see you guys later. :feh_excidunn: :feh_birbpeek:


Congrats! :feh_nino:

As for me…

I went Fates/Awakening because it had the best value

Got an Owain for Sharena, a HS!Xander for a rainy day. Also I dipped in Mystery/Shadows for a brief second to get a B!Caeda merge


That’s a nice looking Chrom, there. I bet he hurts like a mofo in battle.

I got Cordelia for her lance and Leanne for the merge on mine.

Dunno who to give the Lance to, I’m thinking Effie.

Now I just need another 1500ish Codes to get Laevatein and that sweet Mirror Impact fodder.


“Our Bonds give me strength” indeed. That Axe look really good with S!Chrom’s outfit too.

So far I got Leanne to fix her Spd bane, Celica to fix her Atk bane and B!Caeda to feed to Ilyana. Now I’m working on Awakening/Fates. Owain and Corrin are going to A!Anna. Others’ fates are undecided for now


I may have spent my TP for 4 Tellius character merges Before someone asks why not just go for 5 at that point, well you see… I don’t have a Greil…


That’s a nice Chrom.

I went half and half on Judgral and Tellius for merges instead of fodder tbh


The Accessory doesn’t suit him, 0/10 :feh_felixperish:

For real, well done. Nothing quite like statstacking.