The SSR Entryway! The 17 Million Download Roll Thread! :fgo_musashi:

Making this topic in advance since the reset happens while I’m asleep, but I digress.

So the much awaited 17M Download Campaign is gonna be upon us very soon. I will go onto further details in a comment right after this topic creation, so just bear with me for this one.

What matters most is the Summoning Campaign! We got a lot of contestants this time around ; 8, to be exact.

Campaign starting on April 10th and scheduled to be over by April 27th, we have 8 featured Limited Servants that will each go on rate-up for 2 days, minus the star of the campaign, who has 3.

Let me show them :

First, we have the Master Sword(wo)man and Renowned udon eater, Miyamoto Musashi :


Now, as @Cards pointed out in an earlier topic about her, I will say it again :


Musashi will be on rate-up during the 10th, 18th and 26th of April.

Next up we have the King of Heroes ; Speakers to all the mongrels, King Gilgamesh :


Gilgamesh does get another rate-up during the 2024 Battle in New York Campaign, but only then, so it is up to you if you wanna try for him now.

He will be featured on rate-up during the 11th and 19th of April.

Thirdly, we have one of Minamoto no Yorimitsu’s general ; the Golden Man ; Sakata Kintoki :


Kintoki gets 2 more banners in the future ; 1 for the next scheduled Lostbelt and the 24M Download Campaign in JP (which will be the 21st for us). Up to you to decide if you wanna pull for him or wait.

He will be on rate-up during the 12th and the 20th of April.

Fourth, we have the Queen of the Valkyries and wife to the dragonslayer Sigurd ; Brynhild :


Brynhild also gets 2 more banners, the Nero Fest Revival next year as well as the ''Road to 7 ; Lostbelt 2 Banner. Again, up to you to decide if you wanna go for her now, or wait.

She will be on rate-up during the 13th and 21st of April.

Fifth, we have the teacher to Cú Chulainn ; Queen of the Land of Shadows ; Scathach :


Scathach will, as well, have 2 more banners : first one pretty soon being the Dance Tournament in the Land of Shadows in September and the 2nd banner being the New Year banner in 2024. Same thing as Brynhilr and Kintoki for decisions.

She will be on rate-up during the 14th and 22nd of April.

Our sixth contestant is the Dragon Witch herself, anti-thesis of the Holy Saint Jeanne D’Arc : Jeanne D’Arc Alter :


Contrary to the previous contestants, this is also Jalter’s last known rate-up even in the JP Calendar. Same explanation given as Musashi ; this is gonna be your best chance to try for her.

She will be on rate-up during the 15th and the 23rd of April.

Our seventh contestant is the Great Genius ; the artist who modeled itself after it’s greatest creation ; Leonardo Da Vinci :


Da Vinci has 2 more banners coming up ; the first being the Camelot: Paladin; Agateram Theatrical Prerelease in May 2023, although, I think NA got this banner early. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Her 2nd one is the New Year 2024 banner, just like Scathach.

She will be on rate-up during the 16th and the 24th of April.

And last but certainly not least, we have the Mesopotamian Goddess of Beauty, Fertility and War ; may or may not be associated to Aqua from Konosuba ; Ishtar :


Artist’s Pixiv Page

Ishtar has 1 more banner in the future ; being the Merry Christmas in the Underworld Commemoration in January 2024 ; up to you to decide if you go for her now or not.

She will be on rate-up during the 17th and 25th of April.

And that’s all for the line-up ; will you plan to summon on this Campaign? If so, who will you pull for? Regardless of who you go for or not, I wish good luck to everyone who will attempt this and may these Servants grace our Chaldea with their presence! :fgo_musashi:


So, for the Campaign itself , it starts on the 14th of April and the most important thing to it will be the free SSR Ticket, to claim a free 5-star Servant :


Any questions on who to get or general information around it will be displayed here :

Second, a reward of 30 SQ for these total reactions :

Thirdly ; a Login Bonus + Special Login Bonus during the Campaign .

Fourth, we have the 2x Experience on the chosen SSR ticket :

Fifth, we have a set of [Limited Master Missions] for the Campaign :

These quests features 4 star Embers, Saint Quartz, the 4 star Command Code Blades of Niten Douraku and most importantly, the free SSR Ticket :

Sixth, we get all ‘‘Ember Gatherings’’ and ‘‘Training Grounds’’ quests available for each day :

For Part 7 and 8, we have both 0 AP for Story Quests for Part 1 and Part 2 until Lostbelt 5.2 Olympus, and all Free Quests until First Clear will be ½ AP :

We get 50 more slots for Command Codes as well, but this is, like, whatever. :fgo_derpalot:

And lastly, we get a new CE added to the Mana Prism Shop in the same fashion as Chaldea Lunchtime and such, being Free Seating, which gives 5% more QP drops and 5% more Mystic Code EXP when Max Limit Break :

And in the Rare Prism Shop will the Bella Lisa Craft Essence available for buying, at the cost of 1 RP, to have it being displayed in the Mana Prism Shop :

And that’s all folks! On that note, good luck to all!! :fgo_umu:


I’m considering rolling either a multi or the 10 free tickets for musashi, but beyond that I’m skipping, I only have like 500 sq and want to get the best chance I can at my last two ridermilla copies and castoria back to back.


I was a little tempted to get Kintoki (finally), but he has more banners coming, and Castoria is so close.

I’ll grab the new shop CE because why not.


I would too if he hadn’t shown while rolling on his and Murasaki’s dual rateup ngl, he’s great.


This is most likely a skip from me but I might throw a “small” amount at jalter simply cause it’s her last known rate up. I got her np2 so there’s really no point but idk yet


I will personally be going for Ishtar. She evaded me the last time I tried to summon for her. :fgo_ishtarsmug:

If it goes well, I may inch over and try for Bryn as well ; I am gonna be saving for her husband after all, so yeah.


since you’re a fan of sigurd too, you better be going for that copy of bryn. :fgo_shishook:

kidding ofc, but i’m not kidding about wishing everyone all the luck they need to get who you want! :fgo_jeannyes:


I’m heavily tempted by Bryn and Ishtar. Now that I know she’s not coming back for a while, I’m even more tempted by the latter.


I’m tempted by Ishtar but summer Bryn is too close and idk what to do


Scatchach with all the SQ and tickets I can manage to collect after failing on Raikou.

I don’t expect to get the servant at the anniversary based on my past experiences so whatever I get after this banner is used on Summer Musashi and Bunny Ruler.

PS: Nice pics~ :fgo_jeannepeek:


I am going to throw a few yolo rolls at the Dragon Witch and hope to get at least one copy of Ishtar, I hope Drake didn’t dry up all my luck…


Wasn’t really planning on rolling until summer, but I’ll throw 10 tickets at Jalter.


Good luck for all those who are going to roll on any of these banners!
A great selection of servants indeed!


I want NP2 Ishtsr and maybe NP2 Musashi… Well sh*t


Wait, now that I’ve reread it again: I have to clear Olympus, to have 1/2ap (first clear) on free quests…? :fgo_jeannu: (and I was looking forward to this!)

I’m so tempted to get my fave servants from my old acc again: Gil, Shishou, Jalter…
But maybe I’ll just throw some in Jalter’s way :fgo_jaltersmug: (since the other two will have other banners this year anyway)

I want to have Kintoki too, bc he’s a bro… Ugh, my sqs can’t keep up with all these banners :fgo_gudakolewd:


This one triggers back some negative gacha memories from Musashi and Jalter. They had their chances, and and we had to move towards the future. Content with the Goldman :fgo_gilgalaugh: and Shishou :fgo_scathachlove: blessings too. So yeah. In for the ticket, skip the banner~

The shop CE and CC are nice trinkets to bag too~


Two yolo tickets wtf



I’m waiting for Jalter, Golden and Da Vinci, though the latter is if only to get her to NP2.


Did one multi like I decided to, got something good at least

I liked him a good amount in both his story appearances so I’m happy enough, no more spending til Ridermilla now.