The supportive gallant riders

Pfew, finally got these builds done.
On two unit too many see as meh. I like em.
And I think this is the best way to do them justice, to go all out on what they can do.

Seth being a spectrum buffer + debuffer with ruse and gree counter. The 3 movement allows for very easy positioning for the right angle of Ruse and spot for rally up

For Clive it’s spectrum buff, stacking up his weapon, C and seal (the latter two working on more than just one unit), a physical bulky unit, armor slayer and finishing off with an Even Pulse Tie to help on AR offence most of all. 51 hp is more than enough to proc it on any user of precharge specials.
I might still switch the C out for another Close Guard, but for now this is him.

Some art for fun:




Unfortunately I wouldn’t use either of them unless they were merge projects (especially since most gen 1 units aren’t necessarily worth using unless they’re merged, tactically speaking), and Seth I’d probably just switch his prf. I like the supportive aspect, I do, but I run Odin on basically every team so there’s no point in running a supportive build on him.

And Clive takes Grails and I’d rather just use Conrad.

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I’m just gonna throw this out there, I love how you focus on the characters themselves rather than their quality as a unit.

It warms my heart to see a built up Seth because of the good memories I’ve had in Sacred Stones using him. :’)




I’m a simple man.


They look pretty good. Look at them good Bois, they very supportive

I love how I can read the title and tell who made the thread. :feh_legion:

I like these guys though. I want to get my own Seth a Ruse someday, got him to +3 today :catroll:

They’ll make a fine team. Hope you’ve got some backup to handle Magic though. :eyes:

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Seths voice is so charming. Everytime I pull one I am tempted to build him. But I dont, In the end. Yea.

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He was waiting almost ready for a long time.
Every time I’d put another skill on him only to back out on refining.
Now I just did it.