The swole poll


The swole olympics, a battle to determine who is the most swole, jacked up and strongest dude in fire emblem across all games.

What we’ll look at:
Muscle definition, how shredded do they look? Do they have biceps on their biceps? Somehow able to go beyond a 6 pack of abs? One look at them makes you think: Dang, this dude works out?

What I’m thinking is creating a poll and adding every character who is huge is gonna take too long. Pop a comment of a name of a character you think is huge and top 3 comments with the most likes will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Sidenote: Hawkeye already won first place


We could create 2 categories: Muscle size and muscle definition as well because it is hard to tell how defined some characters look due to all the armor and such they wear.


Tibarn, Hawkeye, Bara!Hector, Bara!Ike, and Linus are all winners. :ok_hand:


Can’t forget this absolute unit.

Also Surtr is not included in this because nobody likes him.


What am I looking at? All I see is mustache. 2QgF3iS


He’s Mario if Mario put all his time into building muscles instead of saving peach


It takes a lot of muscle to lift up princesses all day. Lol


If Tobin doesn’t take this walking this contest is rigged



Bruno for most ripped mage?


Please, Tobin has nothing on Clarine




Dorcas is pretty ripped. Dunno where Bruno got his gains, maybe those books are heavier then they look


There’s Dart too.

Looks like there are a good amount of competitors from FE7 :+1:


Idk dude. Bruno is pretty ripped!



Is Bruno even comming back, IS pretends nothing happened before book 3, even Fjorm doesn’t exist anymore, she just died offscreen.


Bro I didn’t realize how big Bruno was. Maybe he was hitting the gym the whole time he had disappeared because dang man


Shame he’s still not summonable.


The second I saw this post I immediately thought of


He needs to lift 10 hours a day to protect Veronica lmao