The tallest/shortest servants

Since David’s NP buff is out in JP that targets giants, I decided to look up how tall servants are since that information is given most of the time.

The few exceptions are:

  • Bunyan, Enkidu and Kingprotea can’t be measured due to being able to change their size at will.
  • Hundred Personas varies depending on the persona.
  • Tiamat varies from 160cm to 74,000,000km

Also, before I list them, event variants are the same height as their non-event forms unless otherwise stated. This also doesn’t include every JP servant, the newest ones I haven’t found the data on yet.

Servant Heights

Tallest to shortest:
531cm/17.42 feet - Ivan (his regular form, not including the giant mammoth)
345cm/11.31 feet - Darius
310cm/10.17 feet - Xiang Yu
298cm/9.77 feet - Asterios
250cm/8.20 feet - Babbage, Red Hare
235cm/7.70 feet - Heracles
230cm/7.54 feet - Super Orion
225cm/7.38 feet - Lu Bu
221cm/7.25 feet - Spartacus
215cm/7.05 feet - Cursed Arm
212cm/6.95 feet - Iskandar
210cm/6.88 feet - Blackbeard
199cm/6.52 feet - Benkei
196cm/6.43 feet - Gilles Caster
195cm/6.39 feet - Bloodaxe
194cm/6.36 feet - Mori Nagayoshi
192cm/6.29 feet - First Hassan
191cm/6.26 feet - Lancelots, Vlads
190cm/6.23 feet - Siegfried, Romulus, Kintoki, Tesla, Meltryllis (includes heels)
189cm/6.20 feet - Napoleon
188cm/6.16 feet - Leonidas, Mephistopheles, Ashwatthaman, Bartholomew
187cm/6.13 feet - Emiya and Emiya Alter, Bedivere, Hijikata
186cm/6.10 feet - Adult Waver, Gilles Saber, Beowulf, Tristan
185cm/6.06 feet - Arash, Cu Chulainn Lancer/Caster/Alter, Phantom, Caligula, Dantes, Achilles
184cm/6.03 feet - Cu Chulainn Prototype, Diarmuids, Fergus
183cm/6.00 feet - Paracelsus, Tawara Touta, Sherlock
182cm/5.97 feet - Gilgamesh, Edison, Chen Gong
181cm/5.93 feet - Fionn, Quetzalcoatl, Hessian Lobo, Arthur, Yagyu, Salieri, Jason
180cm/5.90 feet - Georgios, Shakespeare, Mozart, Hektor, Gawain, Columbus, Shi Huang Di
179cm/5.87 feet - Ozymandias, Chiron
178cm/5.83 feet - Sanson, Karna, Merlin, Sakamoto, Sigurd
177cm/5.80 feet - Arjunas, Inshun
176cm/5.77 feet - Sasaki Kojirou
175cm/5.74 feet - Robin, Jekyll/Hyde, Kiritsugu, Raikou, Moriarty, William Tell
174cm/5.70 feet - Boudica, Witch Liz, Geronimo, Okada Izo
173cm/5.67 feet - Sheba, Oryou
172cm/5.64 feet - Medusa, Gorgon(not including tail/wings), Fran, Brynhildr, Lan Ling
171cm/5.61 feet - David, Anne Bonny, Artoria Lancers, Cleopatra, Yan Qing, Mandricardo
170cm/5.57 feet - Bradamante, Asklepios
169cm/5.54 feet - Amakusa, Semiramis
168cm/5.51 feet - Caesar, Ushiwakamaru, Carmilla, Scathach, Rama, Scheherazade, Calamity Jane
167cm/5.47 feet - Angra, Musashi, Nagao Kagetora
166cm/5.44 feet - Atalantes, Li Shuwens, Kiara, Qin Liangyu, Charlotte Corday
165cm/5.41 feet - Mata Hari, Orion(Artemis), Nightingale, Jaguar Warrior, Danzo, Sieg
164cm/5.38 feet - Astolfo, Suzuka, Nezha
163cm/5.34 feet - Medea, Okita Alter, Murasaki Shikibu
162cm/5.31 feet - Drake, Nitocris, Tomoe Gozen, Hokusai, Skadi, Summer Osakabehime
161cm/5.28 feet - Martha, Serenity, Avicebron
160cm/5.24 feet - Altera, Marie, Tamamos, Summer Melt (Melt without heels), Ryougi Shikis, Sanzang, Da Vinci, Consort Yu, Astraea
159cm/5.21 feet - Jing Ke, Jeannes, Ishtar, Ereshkigal, Valkyrie, Lakshmi Bai, Salome
158cm/5.18 feet - Mash, Kiyohime, Okita, Billy, Irisviel, Fuuma, Penth, Mary Read, Osakabehime, Anastasia
157cm/5.15 feet - d’Eon, Fujino, Sei Shonagon
156cm/5.11 feet - Elizabeth, Mecha-Elis, BBs, Passionlip, Parvati, Kama
155cm/5.08 feet - Europa, Yang Guifei
154cm/5.05 feet - Artoria Sabers, Mordreds, MHXs, Nero Bride, Medb, Brave Liz, Chiyome, Gray, Avenger Nobbu, Space Ishtar
153cm/5.01 feet - Ganesha/Jinako, Gareth
152cm/4.98 feet - Nobbu, Abigail
151cm/4.95 feet - Alexander
150cm/4.92 feet - Nero
149cm/4.88 feet - Medea Lily, Reines
147cm/4.82 feet - Ibaraki, Circe
146cm/4.79 feet - Hans
145cm/4.75 feet - Helena, Shuten, Paris
144cm/4.72 feet - Child Da Vinci
141cm/4.62 feet - Jeanne Lily
140cm/4.59 feet - Kid Gil
138cm/4.52 feet - Chacha, Wu Zetian
137cm/4.49 feet - Nursery Rhyme
134cm/4.39 feet - Euryale, Stheno, Jack, Medusa Lily, Miyu
133cm/4.36 feet - Illya/Sitonai, Chloe
130cm/4.26 feet - Benienma

Did you find any of these sizes interesting? Any servants you didn’t think were the same height as others or taller/shorter?

Some interesting comparisons I noticed:

  • Asterios is double the height of Medea Lily and Reines
  • Xiang Yu is double the height of Europa and Yang Guifei
  • Darius is double the height of Medusa, Fran, Brynhildr and Lan Ling
  • Ivan is slightly over double the height of Babbage and Red Hare
  • Melt’s heels are roughly 1 foot tall
  • Also I think whoever wrote up Amakusa and Semiramis’ heights really ships them

Anyway, let me know if anything interested/surprised you, and if anything is incorrect, let me know.


For better visualisation you can sort servants by height here

If it comes to me, i was mainly suprised that some female servants are so short as they are, for example i thought Nero is same height as Artoria , or that Circe would be similar in height to Medea (maybe a bit shorter), but she is shorter even than Medea Lily, and all of them are shorter than Abby. Expected a few cm more from most of them.

There are also a few that i thought would be rather tall but they are mediocre if it comes to height. The ones here that come to mind are Sanzang, Penth, Astraea, Drake, Murasaki , Kiara or Artemis.

If it comes to servants that are taller than i thought, there is only Emiya i think. He didnt seem that tall in anime and considering he is japanese, i wouldnt say that he is that tall. Also the fact that caster Gilles is taller than his saber form is kinda weird.


Also, Abigail is taller than Nero.

She is 12 and is taller than a fully grown adult.
The last time i saw that was my cousin who is almost 20 cm shorter than me while she is 4 years older


I don’t consider myself very tall for a woman, but I’m taller than like 90% of the women in the game :confounded:

Then I remember how I felt like a giant during my 3 months in Japan… It all makes sense now.

Arash is taller than ozy? Ozy’s sprite definitely feels taller to me.

Edit: It really doesn’t help that none of the characters feel properly scaled in the cutscenes in light of this scale.

And artists probably usually go with their gut than official numbers, like this one. Lancelot is supposed to be almost a foot taller than atalante.

Btw @Meta_Cat, making stars is better with cats :cat:
Also, thanks for the conversion. Chemistry may have taught me to think in mL, but I still can’t think about height in cm.


The tallest? Easy, Kingprotea, she can grow as big as the universe himself

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I remember a very similar thread like this, and it made me realize almost everyone is short.

With a few select few being taller than you would guess…

Wow! I never thougth that Beni enma was the shortest servants! And

That’s pretty interesting

He have a terrible posture


Also, forgot about them but if you look at Anne and Mary first ascension art, it looks like Mary is half the height of Anne, while game says its only 13 cm difference, so yeah often its artists fault that they dont keep proper scale.


I’m kinda tall for my age in my country but dude i’m as tall (or taller) then Ozy or as tall as Fionn! (I usually forget how tall i am but i think that i’m around that)

@Mysty : i spect you to be taller
Ozy: … Ramesseum Tentyris!!!


Wait a moment, casgilles is taller than my brother! And if my brother was any taller he’d have to duck walking through every doorway he met. Wha…? That just doesn’t make any sense. Maybe the tentacles give him an unfair advantage?

Well, Ozy’s actually shorter than all of the guys in my family… But fortunately taller than my sisters barely


Haloween Elizabeth is 18 cm taller than the normal and Brave version, Is the hat included??

Brave version weigh 4 kg’s more than the other two

Alter Okita (163cm) is taller than OG Okita (158cm) due to her high boots lol

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Damn, I’m a freaking mountain compared to some of these servants, since I’m 6 feet tall, I expected people like Ozy to be WAY taller than me and Raikou to come in at about 5’10 or something, but a lot of them are shrimps in size, Nero’s height is always funny


Heck, now that I know Mori (Zerk) is exactly the same height as me I want to hang out with him even more.


This is the Fgo equivalent of finding out Charizard is only 5’07, Dunsparce is 4’11, and Gliscor is 6’07.


Wait what the heck!? I knew that charizard wasn’t as tall as spected but wow


That reminds me, Gliscor’s sprite in gen4 is the stuff of nightmares.


For me one of the surprising details is Blackbeard being only slightly shorter than Iskandar. Didn’t expect him to be so tall. Also kinda interesting that Achilles and Cu Chulainn are the same height, those two are pretty similar.