The Team Go Rocket take over event sucked

I’m not the one who likes complaining or anything but I had better expectations of the 3-hour event window.


  • You could TM Frustration away.
  • Team Go Rocket Ballons and Pokestops drastically increased.

And that’s pretty much about the pros. Now for the Cons:

  • None of the previous Shadow Pokemon were available during the event. I was hoping to get Shadow Charmander or Shadow Sneasel, but the teams for the Grunts and Admins were the same as usual.
  • You were limited to 3 Ballons per hour. That means you only could defeat 8 Grunts and an Admin on average. If you don’t have any Pokestops near your range, that’s pretty much it for the event.
  • You needed to grind the grunts normally. The previous takeover let you got two components instead of one, which made the farming way easier.

I think they could done something better. The only valuable Pokemon I’ve got was a couple of Shadow Snorlax. The rest was purely garbage.

I don’t have a lot of complaints. Those of us that play a lot got some benefit from having 150-200 charged TMs, so we could play it safe by TM’ing more things than necessary. Same benefits of most exclusive CD events, felt the event in March wasn’t well announced. This one you wouldn’t miss the information. Also my shadow Suicune was 11/12/14, so my best one (although I already have an ultra Suicune).

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Yeah I didn’t mind it. The extra balloons was a nice touch because I was at work.
I did miss the double component bit, but I didn’t really think they were going to bring back old shadows anyway.
Did manage to find a shadow Snorlax which I had no idea was still running around
Also perhaps I’m the only one but I’m really glad that Sierra has Lapras now. I’m still in dire need of candies to make both a GL and UL Lapras, and I managed to get 2 so far. Makes for a pretty challenging fight too. I’ve got all the Beldum I need for this lifetime between CD, PvP, and Sierra.

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I was a bit underwhelmed. I had a couple of beldum, including a shiny, a dratini and a couple of magnemite. So, you had to horde what you had previously, but then they released new stuff two days ago, made all the bosses “prizes” rubbish so the odds of getting anything good that was new before the TM window is limited. Caught a shadow machop just after the event. Now it’s got to sit there until some indeterminate point in the future before I can use it.

So, barring a lucky encounter on friday night or Saturday, the event was more about TM ing what you already had.

A second window at the end of the event wouldn’t have gone amiss.

You say the event sucked yet listed two Pros. Stop focusing on what you didn’t get and be content with what you did. For me, the event was a Stardust gold mine. I went to a local park which has about 15 Pokestops and was able to fight 4 leaders (one via balloon) without spending any coins on Rocket Radar. Grunts were 1500 Stardust a piece and leaders were 3000 Stardust with a star piece. And before anyone flips out my state allows us to go to parks and they are not crowded, social distancing is easy.

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Yeah. Sadly I didn’t get too much as you can tell by my original post…Still, I think the event execution wasn’t the best (Just my humble opinnion though)

Yes, the event sucked… but that’s only because the only thing worth getting from the current Team Rocket battles is Machop and Mudkip.

Finding a “Buff” fight is hard enough, but then you’re just as likely to get Hitmonchap/lee as the reward.

At least I got to use 20-30 TMs on pokemon which will take months to level up due to needing 330-400k stardust each, and then the 500-590 candy for each

I didn’t get a single Fast TM or Charge TM for defeating any Rocket Leader or Giovanni.
Fortunately I had ~75 CTMs stockpiled from GBL, but I desperately need Fast TMs … and got none. None of the research tasks I found included TMs, and neither did the Rocket Invasion tasks. I’d rather have gotten TMs from Giovanni than Shadow Suicine (got two – both suck).

That’s my complaint – if you didn’t already have a stockpile of CTMs to burn on shadow pokemon, then the main point of the event (TMing away Frustration) wouldn’t have been available to you.

Did get a shiny shadow Ekans from Jessie – will probably never use it, but I TM’d Frustration, just in case.

I am one of the people who didn’t have many CTMs to spare; I normally have atrocious luck with getting TMs (a month full of about 30+ T4 and T5 raids (all my T5s were 3-man groups to maximize rewards) together with 100ish GBL battles and I still was only able to grind 15 CTMs) and so even if I hoard them I’m still struggling to get a decent amount. In comparison, I had about 40 potentially viable shadow Pokémon that I wanted to TM, but had to suck it up and choose a small selection of them.

Oh what I’d give to have the same problem as some people who have to throw their TMs away for bag space.

I actually enjoyed it a lot. But this wasn’t a play at home event if you wanted to actually get something out of it. Nonetheless, loads of stardust, some cool shadows (I didn’t find a shadow Shiny Lapras unfortunately) and TM’ed some frustrations off it.

The only con I can really name is that in the 3 hour you could grind out the rockets, you also had to keep reminding yourself to TM frustration off them. Because there wasn’t an extra hour window for this, like there is with CD

The worst part was this:

My biggest gripe was that Meowth Balloons couldn’t generate a boss.

I had my radar for Govanni, only for the last 2 or 3 balloons to all be Meowth preventing me from getting Suicine in time to TM it

I really enjoyed the event but unlucky and did not catch much worth TMing. I did many shadow machop but did not get a good one. From a few months ago I had a 93% Shadow Entei (from the Special Research) and a good Mudkip, but nothing impressive from this week.

Biggest complaint was that all the Team Leaders had trash mons (on the days I played, missed day 1 or 2) so no Beldum or Pinsir worth TMing. Oh well time to collect them if the Mons / rewards re-set and await the next TM event. Also disappointed we only got to catch one Suicune, seems like they could have had a process / path to catch a few.

  • Some new shadow pokemon, a fair number of which were garbage, but Shadow Machop is important - Shadow Machamp will have higher DPS than Conkeldurr (but lower TDS). I expect they will be around for a while, fortunately.
  • The Leader battle shadow pokemon rewards got worse. Sierra’s Beldum was a big win for using in Raids against Ice Dragons, and has a Mega form - gone. Arlo’s Mawile has a Mega form - gone. Cliff’s Pinsir has a Mega form - gone. Muk and pineco do not have mega forms, are not useful in raids, and are not highly ranked in PvP (per, although shadow Muk is a marginal improvement on Muk in every league, Muk remains poorly ranked and a fringe choice). Lapras does not have a Mega form, is rated lower than regular Lapras in every league, and is not useful in raids unless one is very limited in ice pokemon.

You were lucky to get a good Shadow Snorlax. I got one, and it was trash. My best catch was a shiny regular machop during the Zubat spotlight hour, CP 19, middling IVs. Meh.

Yes, the leaders are trash now.

But there are still plenty of good shadow pokemon to be caught, namely Machop, Dratini, Snorlax, Mudkip and Magikarp.

I used between 20-30 TMs removing frustration, but realised it was kind of pointless as the shadow pokemon I TMed won’t be anywhere near finished by the time the next Takeover event appears… by which time i’ll most likely have the same shadows with better IVs for PVM and PVP.

Maybe it is gone, but we’ve had… what… 5 months to stock up on them instead of the usual 1? I just wish I had the forsight to stock up on Bagons from the previous Arlo encounter

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I suppose I wasn’t paying attention to how good or bad the event was. I was too busy being annoyed because I could not find a Kyreum raid for the life me before the event.

I did play for about the last 30 minutes of the event. I was disappointed with the shadow Pokémon rewards. I was trying to grind for larvitar. I am disappointed that I didn’t play more in the sense that if I had gotten a gazillion beat a Team Rocket Leader field research, I would have gotten a bunch of RC.

I for one am happy to see the leader’s lineup change! It’s been same-ol’ same-ol’ for long enough.

I’ve got some high level, wild-caught Pinsir so there was little point in getting more of those. Mawile is just…meh…I guess if you’re going to max one for GL, purified or Shadow is the way to go. Beldum was awesome, yes, but Lapras is also way cool! Plus, it makes for a tough fight! Muk is super meh (can’t all be good I guess) but Pineco is a very rare spawn and worth using in GL, especially with the dropped 2nd move unlock. I guess its a bummer that only 2 out of 3 are ever any good. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I feel opposite to you.

Pineco is awful, Lapras im sick of getting this from GBl, only Grimer i enjoy, because havent shiny.

But last lineups i hunted for Mawiles and Beldum and enjoyed this. Now, im not in rush with current lineup.