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Discuss your predictions for the Ultra Bonus rewards, the next tier 5 raid boss, the featured species for October Community Day, the Gen 5 release and more here!

Ultra bonus

With how popular the Gen 1 regionals being stuffed into 7km eggs was last summer I think seeing the Gen 2 regionals in them is something to be expected. Possibly some of the Gen 3 regionals as well considering there’s only two regionals in Gen 2 compared to the gorillion in Gen 3 plus the emphasis of Deoxys in EX raids.

Next T5

Normally I’d have guessed Regigigas but with Rayquaza’s leaving lining up with roughly when to expect the Ultra Bonus I’d guess we’ll see a week of the Johto beasts followed by Deoxys.

Featured specied for October Community Day


Gen 5 release

If nothing else I expect some ghost and dark types to drop for Halloween again. Gen 5 has a pretty healthy helping of both types, should make for a fun Halloween.


But would they include the rotating regionals (Lunatone/Solrock, Seviper/Zangoose, Illumise/Volbeat)? I kinda doubt it personally.

Would almost bet money on it being just Deoxys since there are sooo many forms to cycle through. One month of all Deoxys forms is my bet.

Pretty much a given that it’s going to start in October with Ghost & Dark types, probably followed by the starters.

Maybe not the Lunatone/Solrock or Seviper/Zangoose pairs. Illumise/Volbeat have yet to rotate, but I imagine they would feature the more localized regionals and not the hemisphere based ones.

Hello, I would not be surprised if they skipped Deoxys and went with a month of Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf for everyone.


That would be terrifying :open_mouth:

Will Shiny Mewtwo ever be a thing?

Gen2 regionals in 7km eggs seems logical, perhaps mixed with the Gen1 regionals for those that missed out…and because intentionally diluting the hatch pool is a thing.

A week of each of the beast with Shiny seems likely too.

Also because Gen 2 has only two regionals.

I want another chance to catch a 96+% Raikou!

Of course, Niantic could troll us with Lugia and Ho-Oh again…

I am rooting for Rhyhorn but admit that Trapinch is more likely.

Looks likely. Alternatively, they could drop the starters and common trash in September or early October, then make Halloween the second wave.

Would Chandelure be a good gym defender?

Probably not especially. It’s bulk isn’t horrible, but it’s built mostly for attacking. With 271 attack it could be pretty decent, assuming it gets serviceable moves.

Jellicent, however, is likely to fit the defender role.

As a relatively new player, I have my fingers crossed for a class of 18 CD rerun. The news about ‘Fall Pokémon ‘ featuring the gen 1 starters plus pikachu gives me hope that they will rerun the ‘18 CDs in small doses. Maybe doesn’t fit the intelligent part, but maybe speculating will make it so.

Its almost-unique typing makes it resistant to both Machamp and Metagross, assuming the former isn’t coming at you with a pre-charged Rock Slide. Hex or Fire Spin coming off of its higher-than-Gengar-and-Moltres attack stat would lay down some hurt on common attackers.

It’s not super bulky, though not as frail as Gengar. The biggest con is either flavor of Tyranitar completely shuts it down, resisting both of Chandelure’s STAB moves while delivering SE damage with either set of its own STAB. Chandelure doesn’t have access to much in terms of off-type coverage. At best you’re looking at either Energy Ball or Solar Beam, neither of which are particularly grand on defense.

Thought: Rayquaza for a month, followed by Ultra Bonus Unlock, shows that Niantic need to buy time by bringing back old legendaries (likely with shiny forms and/or exclusive moves), until they are ready to release Gen 5, which is at least a few months away. Regigigas is the only unreleased legendary in Gens 1-4. There are four mythicals in Gen 4 (compared to four in the first three generations combined), so how Niantic will handle them is another topic for intelligent speculation.

EDIT: I wrote the above before seeing the Ultra Bonus Unlock announcement. The mythical appearing in raids from 9 to 16 September may be Deoxys…or may be from Gen 4.

All I’ll say is if Manaphy and Phione aren’t tied to the same special research somehow that it will be a massive dropped ball.

What is the lore behind Manaphy and Phione?

Phione is only obtainable by breeding Manaphy with a Ditto. Worth noting it does not evolve into Manaphy, rather it remains a separate Pokemon.

I suspect they’re both released in the same special research. 4 or 5 steps to get Manaphy and then 1 or 2 steps involving Ditto to get Phione. Maybe taking a picture of Manaphy and a picture of Ditto.

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Shall we have a look at how our predictions turned out (and speculate on the legendaries after 23 September)?

Turns out that you were spot on!


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My guess: Regigigas ater the 23rd for 4 weeks with Darkrai being introduced at the start of the Halloween event. Or a Giratina rerun (shiny perhaps?). There aren’t any Gen 5 legendaries that are spooky by nature like Giratina is so if they intend to incorporate T5 raids into the theme they pretty much have to look at Giratina or Darkrai.

This assumes Darkrai doesn’t become our next EX boss, of course.

True dat! :laughing: I wonder if this was done to try to get ahead of the CD debacle (starters being needed for CD events so soon after release).

Well done! Your prediction about Trapinch CD was also correct.

Now to speculate on the legendary raid bosses after Darkrai.