The thread for all your intelligent speculation!

I’m going to say between cressella dialgia or palkia. With darkrai out it would be the perfect time to rereleased them before starting gen 5 legendaries spring next year

I think with Cressellia already having it’s shiny released its unlikely to be back for a long while. I can definitely see dialgia and palkia return though before we get the gen 5 legendaries.

I’m gonna go with the idea that we’ll get a few new G5 legendaries before we start the rehashes of the G4 dragons. Probably some of the less important ones, like the Incarnate forms. Then we’ll get a few weeks/months of rehashes with shinies (Dialga, Palkia), and then Reshiram/Zekrom. I strongly suspect that Black and White Kyurim will be the last two ones released.

If 40% of this is correct, I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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Any predictions on the next field research breakthrough encounter after Flower Crown Eevee?

inb4 Santa Hat Pikachu (hope not)

I think that the rockets admin could be the new research breakthrough, instead of just give you the legendary, they will make you fight a rocket admin for it, so the prize could be a shadow moltres, Zapdos or Articuno

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Hope for smth useful. I will first time break my strike to prevent get another useless FCE.

Interesting thought…I was thinking for sure the Rocket stuff was going to be a global quest.

I agree with captpepperjack that this is an interesting thought, but I don’t think that’s what Niantic will do. They usually recognize that there are separate areas of play (quests, raids, wild catching, rocket battles, etc.) and generally keep them separate.

For my comedy guess for next research breakthrough, I’m going to go with Shuckle with a necklace. There are different medallions, collect them all!

From Silph road, posted by u/gooderz21, one year ago (but equally appropriate today, if not more so):

“Knowing our luck it’ll be Pikachu in a Guy Fawkes mask or something.”

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Behold the next Research Breakthru. From November 1-March 31

So Piplup CD has been confirmed. Will it be finally Rhyhorn in February? Or Gible?

After Virizion, will we get the Gen 5 dragons or the other nature trio?

My prediction for January event: something for Chinese New Year (which falls on 25 Jan).

Following the trend from the previous two years, I think this is likely. Since 2020 is the year of the rat, perhaps they’ll release Emolga and Mincinno with this event as well. Most of the existing rodent-themed Mons already have their shinies released, so perhaps we’ll see the release of our lord and savior, shiny Bidoof!

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Where it has been confirmed? Didnt find any info about this.

Spheal must have CD soon. Another event with boosted spawn and still no shiny, so they must save them for future Community Day.

Icy Pennywise with the right CD move would make Lapras extinct from UL play.

Agreed. Walrein with Ice Shard, Avalanche, and Earthquake and Maximized stats wins 266, loses 56, draws 9. That’s Registeel territory, and the ice attacks probably play very well against Giratina and Regirock. Doubt they will let it get quite that good, but it’s a scary notion.

Walrein can‘t learn Ice Shard though

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Hey let’s talk about a pokemon who won’t see the light in thousand years: Hoopa. This mythical creature of 6th gen will probably not get implemented at this rhytm but imagine the possibilities. The unbound form of this beast in the main series has their both attack stats (160 &170) higher than the highest Mewtwo one (154). It has Psychic and Dark STAB and while it learns Confusion + Psychic and a possible Hyperspace Hole, it lacks a Dark fast move so Darkrai is pretty safe if Hyperspace Fury doesn’t translate as fast move. It’s meteor-like hit strenght can only be frustrated by risible TDO, and while its special defense is very respectable, it has a pathetic physical one which can translate in a less glassy Deoxys but still very pathetic in durability (for reference, Deoxys has 50 defense in the main games and Hoopa-U 60, very close). To this add a double weakness to Bug type and the fact Volcarona will be more than released then as is from one past gen, and you have one of the glassiest glass cannons theee could be in Go.

In PvP, it could reach monstruous sky-high CP due to massive attack so it’s only real place is Master but being so glassy is not good generally speaking. Regardless of it, Bug is not represented at all in Master and Fairy, their only other weakness is not very common, and it could absolutely devastate Giratina thanks to its Dark type. The base form could be useful in Ultra because restricted stats, but that’s to be seen.

About its raids, if my predictions are right and gets a place as EX raid boss intead of T6, it will be by far one of the easiest legendary bosses to beat. Volcarona’s great stats, the fact it has double weakness and rain being pretty common almost everywhere (though not very reliable) makes me wonder if it will be soloable factoring all this but I don’t think they will be that point of fragile. The minor form has not 1, but 2 double weaknesses and while Chandelure and Darkrai are beasts, fog is absurdly rare, a lot more than rain, and will definitely not soloable without a weather boost almost impossible to get.

What do you think?

Agreed. I was simply pointing out that with the best possible moveset, Walrein would be a terror. No way they will do that - they might leave Frost Breath, and let it learn Avalanche on a CD, which would still make it a lot better, especially against the Dragons.

Most expect Rhyhorn to win the CD vote, so what would be:

  1. The next legendary after Heatran? If Rhyhorn wins the CD vote as expected, my guess would be Landorus, followed by Thundurus and Tornadus (which are weak to Rock).
  2. The next research breakthrough?
  3. Events for February?
    How would Go Battle League turn out?