The Time For Salt Hath Come! A Sorrowful Story, A Bewitching Song: [Deep Drown Lament] Roll Thread | Are you prepared to face the deep?

Originally the 2nd Anniversary Banner for the CN Server, Yostar has decided to bring forth this potential source of despair - for those of you without funds - earlier to the Global Server

Hardworking, snarky and the word mean doesn’t even begin to describe how much she hates your guts, Kal’tsit has shown she can put aside her differences to get the job done by becoming a new 6* Medic Operator. Unique to her is her ability to summon Mon3ter, a giant mechanical monster formed from her own spine

In-game Kal’tsit functions much more like an attacker, taking down enemies with her mechanical pet and using her healing abilities to keep him topped off as he pummels all your foes into oblivion


Courtesy of @Elyon13

Next up is the 5* of this banner. An Enmity Guard competing with the likes of Hellagur and Utage, will she be able to differentiate herself from her brethren or will her strength fall short of expectations? Akufuyu makes her appearance

Although a terrifying force on the battlefield , her day to day life is much more difficult as a result of her visual impairment. She firmly denies having any such condition, so please take care to pretend you never see her bump her head into a corridor wall


Courtesy of @Elyon13


And now it’s time for the star of the show. Our next Alternate Operator and a possible future in which only a being with her face and name are left, bewitching you with its accursed song. Skadi wishes to join you once again, are you still willing to accept her?

In-game Skadi the Corrupting Heart fulfills the same role as Sora - that being a 6* Aura Supporter - providing both healing as well as offensive and defensive support to her team. Don’t let that fool you into thinking she’s merely passive however, as her 3rd Skill allows her to deal true damage to enemies within her range along with providing a hefty 110% of Skadi’s Atk to her teammates

Skadi the Corrupting Heart

Although she isn’t part of this banner’s line up but still very much a part of this event, Lady Gladiia joins Rhodes Island as our first 6* Welfare Operator.

One of the first Abyssal Hunters and Specter’s superior. Polite, serious and considering your surface-world technology incredibly primitive, she has joined Rhodes Island in an effort to prepare you for the horrors of the deep which have yet to come

Fun Fact: Her voice lines seem to imply that Kal’tsit is older than her



Pot 6 Cat’tsit here I come :fgo_insane:


I hope our hopes won’t be a hopeless one




Are they reseting first time purchases for this event? Or they delaying that?


Nope, they didn’t mention it throughout the stream so I think Yostard will delay it until our 2nd anniversary :fgo_shutensip:


I’m only interested in Akufuyu, but since i’m rolling only the free 10x and the dayly tickets, chances are high i’ll miss her (because let’s be honest: we get a guaranteed 5*, but this game is called spooknights for a reason).

No matter, she’ll come soon or late in the shop.
I’ve waited many many months for Reed (rumors says she’ll be available in the shop in the next standard banner), so worst case scenario, i’ll do the same for Akufuyu.

Good luck everyone for your Skadi or Kal’tsit

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I did the math and at absolute MINIMUM, I would have 111 rolls (assuming I play everyday- which should be a yes). That’s not including the guaranteed 1,800 orundum (because I don’t know if it comes after the event if you don’t pull it.) and g to hat assuming worst possible luck: 300 orundum a day. So that number can safely go up to about or close to 120.

Next is if I get the 2 HH from the 2nd tier shop. That with some annihilation shenanigans makes it 120-125. This is my real number of rolls I’m gunna use :ak_mostima:

Next is gold certs. I have 125 (gold certs, funny how they are almost the same #) and since I’m semi-new, getting consistent dupe five stars is a long shot (unless I start pre-farming Breeze, but I need them 4/5 star pot upgrades :ak_saygoodbye: “Frost sends her regards”).

So now we go into not fun territory :ak_sad: With Primes from this event, I get at least 60 more rolls total. That’s 185-ish+ rolls. Let’s just say I do get all 38 HH gold tickets :ak_lappdumb: and now we have “220-225±ish* [send help] TM :ak_omoshiroi:

I’m not doing this, but LETS JUST SAY… I sacrifice the :us: $$$ to the Waifus :ak_wcheese: This would be my first $ spent in this game, so… Gummy pack: $1, same pulls (give or take… in this case give 1 :ak_okaydokay: ); Starter HH: $20 ($21), 245 pulls; monthly HH pack: $26 ($47), 265-270 pulls; Monthly card: $5 ($52), 270+ pulls; First buy OP 80 [40x2]: $30 ($82), 300-ish pulls (but just to be sure…); First buy OP 3 [1+2], $1 ($83), DEFINITELY 300 pulls.

In conclusion… is it worth $83 and being broke on OP? Probably [not?] :ak_nervous: I would hopefully have Dr. Kal’tist by then (with pot upgrades, maybe? :ak_mostima: ), so I would probably get W.

I’m only using 120±ish rolls. So no RIP OP :ak_lappdumb:

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all in for dusk and got slap to the face at the last ten roll (of 300)
broke but still try everything to get Ash and still didn’t have her (I hate u,phantom…)
I didn’t have any good feeling for limited-banner…anymore
if I have sora or warfarin I will probably skip this for chen
but I don’t…
two guarantee 6* chance should be enough for me
im even too broke to get anyone E2M3 in this banner…


Noone can answer this question, only you. I suggest you to get the operators YOU desire, not the Operators meta/fans consider "must get / gamebreaking " , because there is a chance YOU would not like them.

That said, if you like one of the Operators of the limited banner and if you consider them worthy enough of spending money on them…then go for it.

I was in your same situation during Dusk banner. Luckily i got her with the things i had saved up in the previous months, but i was prepared to spend some money to hit the 300 pulls if needed. And i would have done so simply because I consider Dusk worth it. Even if maybe "meta / fans " would have said that Dusk is a bad operator.

Just remember that in these gatcha game the entertainment greatly improve if you use your favourite operators, regardless of their utility.

So…if someone is worth it in your opinion, go for it and use your wallet. That’s what i suggest you.

i’ll roll only the free 10x tickets and dayly free pull. But i know the feeling, i have gotten too many spooks in the past too.

But at least we get lots of good operators, even if the “guaranteed 5* operator” of each banner is 90% of times someone else not on rate up :sweat_smile:


good luck then
I in need for Aura buff right now after EB"pursuers" and five red striker beat my squad so badly in ex8
so I cant just depend on free roll

To be honest, you could use other units most likely to overcome it. Aura buffers are not really needed, but if you like her go for it.

I’ll still recoment to try all your operators and do combo with them.

For example, i think i’m one of the few to have beaten Annihilation 4 with Beeswax. (with auto-deploy also, so no friendlist units)

Modal casters are a wonderful niche.

Beeswax, thanks to her trait:

Normally does not attack, but has greatly increased DEF and RES; When skill is active, attacks deal AoE Arts Damage.

Means that i litterally placed her on the far right position of the bottom lane: she acts like a pillar, absorbing all the damage done by crossbows, casters and big art drones.

In the meantime? All the ranged operators placed on the left of Beeswax are safely hitting things and they do not even need to be healed :smiley:

Beeswax can stand against emperor’s blade pursuers?

You know, i’ve never tryed it.

She has natural high def and res , plus auto healing. This is further improved by the help of an healer.

If she don’t get killed off in 1-hit, she can survive

Waifu/husbando over meta always :fgo_buster: If Skalter is your waifu, go for it, but aura supporters are in no way a must have, even if Skalter is broken. Nice to have, but not a must have. I’m looking at you, Sora, whom I’m planning to raise for 1.5 years already :'D Raising levels and giving masteries will just as well provide the necessary oomph against strong enemies.

Plus, Sora and Warf are always there to spook you. There’s also Aak, I guess, if you have Shining :fgo_gudako:


Nice to have…for you.
I am a bit annoyed with Skadi. I’ll not mention the Potential level of mine, but i’ll let you know that each Potential of her i got, is a 6* Operator on rate up that i missed because she kept stalking me :neutral_face:

I swear that each time she ate the real 6* Operator and put herself into the duffel bag.

And i’ll always remember how i wanted to get Hellagur on his very first banner, how happy i was to get a Rainbow duffel bag… and how annoyed i was when i got instead Skadi. Again.

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She just wants your love :D Stop being obstinate and give her head pats.

Also, Skalter isn’t really the same Skadi under a different class. So maybe she’ll grow on you with the event.


She can’t because the free 10x roll plus all the free daily rolls are not enough in theory to roll a 6*. Not to mention that the chance of getting her is small. :smiley:

Ah, take that Skadi! You’ll never get me this time! :sweat_smile:

She wants my love by eating the competition? What is the anime definition of this “love” that is more like a maniacal obsession… Yandere, maybe?

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That’s a death flag if I ever saw one :D


Sorry my waifu was Ines and no on…(maybe Kroos from Dusk event and Schwarz)
I need skalter because dont have any atk buff ops at all and I dont have shining to take on Aak…(not a single meta ST healer)