The time has come! Summoning for the three Angels of Seiros! Let's go!

Time to summon for Fodlans best couple! :feh_flaynsmile:

Together with Flayn in the banner, this one was perfect. I wanted to get as many merges for Shamir and Catherine as possible and at least one copy of Flayn because her prf staff is so insane. So far I only got a +1 Shamir and a sparked Catherine, so I decided to stop summoning on colorless after I got my first Flayn and only focused on red and green because those two are more important to me.

So I started with 780 orbs today and summoning on the first two circles started insanely good and got 2 Shamirs and 1 Catherine. I already had a +Spd Shamir so IVs didn’t matter anymore, but Catherine was a different story and this one was +Spd!! :feh_flaynsmile:

Luck has waned a bit, but it was still good.

In the end with +700 orbs I got:

5x Shamir!
5x Catherine!
1x Flayn (+HP/-Spd) - gladly got her pretty soon so I could snipe early on green and red only
2x Owain - Merge I guess, but don’t know if I’ll ever use him. Couldn’t care less.
1x Dieck (+Res/-HP) - New unit so I’ll take him
1x Pent! (+HP/-Res) - Same as Dieck but this time a unit I know in the FE series and like. Glad he came home already!
1x Larcei (+Res/-Atk) - terrible IVs which makes her fodder more wonderful
1x Ewan (+HP/-Atk) - new unit

4 star specials:
1x Mia (+Res/-Spd) - merge I guess
1x Fallen Celica (+Atk/-Def) - merge into the forma one
1x Eldigan (+Atk/-Spd) - merge
1x Brave Ike (+Res/-HP) - merge wait I’ll already got you +10 merged…uh guess you’ll be a battle manual for a very long time. Your fodder isn’t that good anymore…
1x Brave Roy (+HP/-Def) - merge

Ewan was the last unit I got at 4.00% as a pity breaker and I had +50 orbs left so I decided to stop for now. The trailer for the next new hero banner (which should be the fallen hero one) should hopefully come before the BHB banner is gone. Heavily depends on that if I want to try on the BHB banner again or keep my orbs to be able to spark on the new hero banner.

So in the end my current Shamir and Catherine:

Maybe I’ll change her build into a galeforce one in the future. Lacking of Time’s Pulse fodder currently though so I kept her budget friendly for now. That sounds so wrong when I look at her A and B skill.

Quite not happy with the C skill, I’m still hesitating but maybe it’s time that

FE Fates spoiler

Lilith will die again

Never expected on this one getting with +700 orbs one of those two at +10 but still got more merges than I thought. Summoning session went great for me. :feh_flaynsmile:

Wish you best of luck on your summoning sessions. :feh_flaynsmile:


I free summoned Catherine, and got Shamir in the same circle… with the only Red/Green orbs in the circle, I then pulled the 3 Colorless orbs and got 450 feathers


Nice going. You’ve good taste in shipping too.

I tried for Catherine but 270 orbs got me Velouria, Pent, Tibarn and Shamir. Off focuses ruling again after 7 to 1 Shamir on their debut banner.

Shamir’s already +Spd +2 so keeping this one as a manual. Such a shame her wife won’t come home. Velouria is now +Def +1 after being stuck at +HP -Atk for nearly 2 years despite trying to summon for her. Pent’s +Atk -Res so I probably won’t kill him for his dual on Echidna. Tibarn is fodder.


Congrats, that’s some good luck in terms of 5 stars/orbs !! Hopefully you can +10 them soon :smiley:


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Guess it will take a while though until I’ll +10 them. Won’t happen on this one. Maybe I’ll try to get another copy of Shamir or Catherine if the new hero banner isn’t interesting at all but don’t plan to spend more money into it for now. Still need some DF for them, then at least they would look like +10 merged units. :sweat_smile:

Maybe the next anniversary has a daily rerun about 3 focus banners and this BHB is one of them then. :slight_smile:


Nice pulls there :clap: ! Would have loved to pick up some Catherine merges and a Flayn for light AR-O,but blew all my orbs in April on CYL 4,Farina,L.B etc. so I’ll have to pass on this unfortunately (maybe pull on their revival if they get 1).

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Didn’t know you were summoning Alois

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Gz, good to see you going for it.

I got my Cathy on +4 and Shamir +1. I’ll +10 both 1 day!

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