The training wheels are finally off this Bike!

I got my final bike after about 100 orbs this banner. He’s finally complete! This is my second +10/10DF unit after NY Corrin. Just really excited and want to show off…

Also miraculously on the same circle, I got my second merge on B!Lucina who supports him! Decided to upgrade her to fury 4, and ruptured sky with a spare byleth to celebrate.



Who knew that a transportation device could be so powerful :bike:
Congrats! :feh_hridexcited:
Have fun walling absolutely everything with this undying man & his best friend. :feh_legion:


Why is he Neutral?

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Because I can’t pick a boon and over half of his pulls were +hp. The last pull was a plus def and I prefer the neutral stat spread so I kept it.


The power of the bike
Fear ye the bike


Honestly, HP wouldn’t be a terrible boon if you wanted to consider it. Since his defensive stats are fairly negligible with damage mitigation, he’s left to tanking through attrition so he’d love more staying power.

Either way, that is a beautiful man right there. The Double Special Heroes banner has stolen my attention from Hero Fest, but once his revival comes around in a few weeks, I plan on going all out getting his last 3 copies


I’m totally on board for neutral +10’s unless they have a clear superboon. Ross or Edelgard, +Atk all day. Bike is better well-rounded.


Because unless you run CC in his b slot neutral is optimal


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Isn’t really worth it… he does better with rounded stats…

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Also the last time someone on here asked what IV B!Ike to merge into every single person said either +Spd(for one build) or neutral otherwise

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Perfectly understandable :ok_hand: and he looks great,I finished mine a few days ago and went with +spd repel build

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