The Trapinch CD:

I know that other people have already brought up this topic but I am very uneducated in the area of move sets. What could Trapinch learn when Flygon?

Also, if you evolve a Trapinch into Vibrava-does it count as catching a dragon type?

Already ahead of you! I think most bets are on Earth Power.
As for the quest, evolving does not count for “catch X” quests. You’re best bet is to hit up all the Rocket stops for a Dratini.

It does not count towards research rewards but will count for the dragon type badge

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That’s what I meant. Not research, but I need to finish the dragon medal within my lifetime, and sure, Gible will be an inevitible CD but that’s gonna be at least next year! It simply got me thinking…

Bagon will return on december, with the other 2019 CD pokemon, with more spawn that usual.

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Trading also counts for the badge (when you get a dragon type from your friend).

I’m hoping for dragon breath which will make him wayyyyyy better in pvp

Mud Shot would actually still be optimal, due to its massive Energy Per Turn. DB would be left on the bench in PvE and PvP, and it would be an incredibly boring CD.


Did knot know that trading counts!

From a certain point of view.

Dragon breath would be equally as optimal, trading out the massive EPT for monsterous upfront DPT. As we’ve seen with dragonite and latios, that set can still be potent. DB has 67% energy gain, which in neutral match ups is compensated for by the additional 167% damage, so flygon can actually farm energy better by beating things without the need to use dragon claw. And if we are alling being honest. Dragon claw isn’t that much of a pressure move on its own, it’s fast yes, but individual hits aren’t necessary shields, most Pokémon can tank 1-2 neutrals without getting too low, dragon breath in conjunction would apply much more pressure on shields. Both moves will still have their usages, but it’s not like it would be a bad move, it would just depend on the meta and what your set up would be.

Similarly earthpower would also help it, as it’s notably faster than other ground users, who for the most part pack earthquake. While less powerful, the prominence of ground weaknesses cough cough basteodon/probopass , which for the most part would tend to over kill and thus waste energy, EP still nabbing a KO while saving 10 energy could be a game saver.

So I agree with OgCoopa in that it would be a great move, but also agree that mudshot could be better, but it is situational, but I’m assuming it will probably just get outrage, like most dragons seems to be getting

Agree with DB.
It would be an improvement, giving an atk that actually hits like a truck, and still charges energy quite fast. Flygon already has dragon claw, so it doesn’t really desperately need mud shot, and the combination of DB DC is among the best in pvp. But it would be a very boring move to implement, not very different from the actual flygon.
Same with earth power: it would be a (not so) different earthquake.
A new move can be good, like a stat up clone of PuP in the form of dragon dance. It’s to much to ask coming from niantic, but seriously I don’t expect much from this CD

After the recent PuP nerf, I dont think we’d want to see a dragon dance implementation, but honestly, I feel since niantic’s making a lot more movesets PvP oriented, a solic move to improve its PvPreformance will be what its getting. I seriously hope we dont get f–king outrage.

Maybe farfetched, but fisure is now in the game data. Agree with PuP nerf, niantic understood PuP was extremely good for PvP. Not sure about the new mechanichs, but seems promising

The fangs, the psychic buff, the gift of TS on alola chu, theres so much good new tech added.

PuP was broken, it was not absurdly strong innately, but after 2 punches, which arent hard to get when formats medicham and other punchers are let in almost Always had something that was both big popularity and stupid easy to set up against (plus, you know counter being counter) it could just run away with games. This makes these moves much, much weaker, and makes them back to what the move purpose was in the MSG, entirely to make your other move better and harder hitting while its weak as all heck.

The buff to psychic, thats…just whoa. I think they realized they made psychic both WAY to trash in PvP, to the point of no one every uses it, so its a way to ‘nerf’ psystrike on mewtwo softly so shadow ball users can have a good psychic move, but not go back on psystrike’s power (that and psychic was originally good, then hard nerfed before mewtwo came from what friends have told me). Niantic’s really done good this time, really shakes up sinister cup, and I think we can look forward to a great many additions of new moves to mon being PvP relevant.

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