The Travel diary of a clueless Master [Main account thread]

Because i need a thread for my main account.

And now, finally i can keep track of my farming team compositions. Amongs many other things.

5 - 7 Turns for a rider node.
Thinking about how to 3 Turn this without removing the Event CE.

With Double Waver, i can charge MHX NP and clear first wave with Arash.
Second wave usually is cleared by MHX NP + normal attacks (First problem. If bad cards, i can’t 1 turn this wave)
Third wave… long. I have MHX with no NP Gauge. Biggest problem that lead to 5 - 7 turns. (How to fix? Think about that)

I know this is just for your personal use, but have you thought about borrowing, say… an over powered Melt or some other strong Alter Ego?

Oh, i do have them. I own Melt NP2 and Lip NP4 and Kiara NP1.
But they do not charge servants NP gauge… for 3 T things they do not seem well suited.

But i’m still a newbie at farming, so who knows

An Alter Ego’s damage output towards a Rider is going to be better than an Assassin’s. Assassins have a bad Atk Modifier. (Their effective attack is 90% of the stat that’s displayed on the card.)

Meaning that, even if they won’t help you get to 3t turning rn, Alter Egos will at least make it easier.

Oh, got it. Thank you

Now, this was an entertaining Valentine scene (not like some boring ones like Raikou’s)

Can’t you just borrow a maxed Semiramis? She has 100% dmg during the event so she’s the perfect servant for that node.

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they 100% made this rider node intending for her to be used in it, and we all know that


i love MHX and her NP Animation. My best Jack substitute

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Eh… started late this event.
I have to max all the Choco Grail kun. And probably i won’t be able to clear the shop.

No matter, what i must get is all the Valentine chocolate for the servants

If i reach at least 500 Total logins, this summer Annyversary it’s going to be interesting.

80 SQZ for Total logins (500).

20 Tickets for Login day 7 + shop

60 SQZ for Facebook retweet whateveritis.

For a total 140 SQZ and 20 Tickets right before summer banner

This one was nice

I’ll be completely honest, I wasn’t a fan of that one. Or the other Nobbu… especially because I don’t use either of them, because I don’t particularly like their personalities nor their gameplay.

Also, don’t feel bad about not clearing the shop. Despite what this forum seems to imply, that’s actually the exception, not the norm.

Wish i had her at NP 4 :( rider node are impossible for me since i stupidly missed Assassin Scathach

Same for me, tbh

Shiki is coming soon but she’s ST(right?), But that’s better than nothing.

On another note, i enjoyed your Tomoe! Thanks for the MLB silver CE. (That was you right?)

NP5? Grailed and at lvl 81? Probably. She got a lot of love these past few days. XD

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Yeah that was you alright. I great Synergy with Gil lol