The ultinate troll from Niantic

Look! A Litwick!


A wild Sableye appeared!

Have not actually encountered a single wild Litwick since event began…

I have found like 3 litwick, but to be frank I wasn’t expecting more than last year Mons. And I have been very lucky with the win 1 raid research during the month that gave you a litwick encounter, only using my free passes.

Before the Halloween event start I thought that there will be an extra event research for litwick, but I suppose that it will be rare to find, and whales must be happy with the spiritomb research and chance to be shiny.

Wasn’t there a litwick evening or similar last year? I can remember that one evening I found more than 20 wild litwicks in a row, shortly before halloween. What’s up for spotlight this week?

Wish there were more Spiritomb field research available. Only found one.

Disappointed that I have not been seeing Pikachu because I really love his Mimikyu costume.

Speaking of Sableye

She is rocking the purple & hopefully she will work a miracle with her Halloween costume when she Mega evolves. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  1. Spiritomb Task is LITERALLY everywhere. It’s a VERY tedious quest (especially when there are more Ghosts than darks this event and you drafted the 18 Dark Pokemon variant) but you don’t need to try to find it.
    2.Over 10 Litwicks today I guess, just came across 3 on the way home.

Maybe where you live. I came across one of the quests in the majority of my town today. So not really „everywhere“. And I‘m not counting „Win 2 Raids“ much because it can also give Yamask (and isn‘t done that easily either)

yeah ngl this is the worst halloween event they’ve ever done. they added one new ghost and it seems you can only get one of it.

The Halloween event has always been more about 2x Catch and 2x Transfer candy than it has the spawns, imo. Aside from Galarian Yamask, shiny Spiritomb was also released. Players who want to hunt shiny Spiritomb have plenty of work ahead of them.

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The only good thing is batch releasing Spiritomb and lots of Mega Gengar energy for free.

I didn’t have a shiny drifloon, now I have 2…hundreds of drifloon caught to get them, not like I’d see/catch that many normally.

I think it’s a decent event. I rather complain about location based events like upcoming Verizon and Day of the Dead

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I hate this, I’ve caught 2 litwick and clicked on about 30 sableye. How I hate sableye

That is odd. I have been seeing more Litwick than Sableye. You have not be able to find the win 1 raid research?

The Verizon thing and the whole thing with Starbucks with Gyms being Ex-Raid Gyms definitely suck for anyone outside the U.S.

The Day of the Dead event is a family celebration from what I understand and generally celebrated in Mexico. I didn’t realize anyone outside of Mexico, certain parts of the US, and Latin America were even aware of the holiday until I saw that James Bond movie with Daniel Craig. So maybe the Day of the Dead was excluded for every one because not every one is aware of it.

Honestly I really don’t have any idea how the bigwigs make the decisions at Niantic. I just thought the Day of the Dead was a way to extend Halloween especially if the holiday was meant to celebrate life with food, family, and music.

I haven’t been able to find too many quests for Spiritomb. But there are actually 3 quests for Spiritomb or 2.5 depending on how you look at it.

There is

  1. Catch 18 dark Pokémon.
  2. Catch 18 ghost Pokémon.
  3. Win 2 raids. (Get Yanmask or Spiritomb).

I am hoping to find either catch 18 Pokémon quests because I really don’t want the win 2 raid quest.

I think I ran through about 15 to 20 free/premium/remote passes to try to get a decent IV Darkrai and no such luck. I don’t plan on getting more ultra boxes because of the RNG is not so great and with all the RC I’m getting I am starting to level up legendaries that I would never thought to do before, like Articuno. So no more Ultra Boxes to speed up the win 2 raids quests.

But anyway I hope you find some of the ghost quests for Spiritomb.

Actually, I do not mind the Day of the Dead celebration. I would rather have more events for major festivals across the world, such as the lunar new year, Eid al-Fitr and Diwali, all of which are widely celebrated in my country (Singapore).

Same here. Not complaining because I have already maxed a perfect and a 98%. Just think the Sableye with a Litwick hat is a massive troll from Niantic.

A shiny+event pokemon is pretty desirable. Especially one that can be used (kinda). They have unevolvable starters in costumes because there are people that want to collect the shinies, enough to raid a bunch of them. Catching a shiny Sablewick could get you quite a return if it were offered for a lucky trade

I suppose there isn’t much salt in the wound for day of the dead since there isn’t a new shiny or something, but I think it’s lame not to involve your whole player base and to be inconsistent in it.

I mean great there’s a specific celebration day in Mexico but hello there’s Oktoberfest and Sinterklaas too? (To name two in Europe.) Where are our location based events? Or is Niantic only aware of the existence of USA and surroundings?

Ah, but there are others of us outside of Mexico who have played Grim Fandango and will forever have that “Día de los Muertos” folklore and art forged with fire into our memories.

Back to the topic - I really hate the localized events. I don’t see what’s wrong on sharing with the rest of the world to make everyone happy and raise awareness of rich cultural events around the globe. In fact, Niantic did celebrate Chinese New year too in the past, and Halloween is not traditional in all parts of the world, but it’s just nice for everyone to enjoy it.