The Unboxing Channel

It’s September, the weather is getting colder, the leaves are changing colors, and we all know what that means…

Time to split open those cubical cartons of coveted contents!

Whether you’re a leviathan farming 24/7 on those rainbow apples or a small fry just looking for mats, come share a story! Tell us about yourself!

How many boxes have you opened? Share your CE drops! Rant about the neverending background noise of NPs! Wonder why nobody wants your Waver! Go wild! :fgo_insane:


I still have not gotten a shop CE yet. I do not mean via a drop, I mean… I have not gotten enough currency to exchange for my first one. :fgo_illya:


I’m slacking :catlie:
I need more drop CEs

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15 boxes in, still only 3 ce drops :catcry:

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The only CEs i’m dropping are the Sheba ones, currently at 3k tickets but i’m tired already so i’ll continue tomorrow. I think it’s good enough for the first day.

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Be thankful.

45 boxes in, no CE drops.

Edit: with the 12 I opened, 52 boxes in. No CE drops that matter.


20 boxes only one 5 star ce and around 12-13 4 star ones.


5 boxes. starting off slow and getting shop done today and tomorrow. i like the semis’ and finals’ drops waaaaay more than prelims. i have 660 shields and 200+ scales currently so i don’t feel like farming hard the prelims. have 135 gapples on hand still. plus there’s no way i’m using rainbows. don’t have the money or luck to waste on it.


I was nearly done with the 19th box the last time I stopped farming to open boxes.

I got Artoria, Skadi, and Ishtar from 80 to 90, I’ve maxed the batteries for Artoria and Ishtar…

And then, despite my best intentions, I broke down and diverted a bunch of resources to get Tomoe from lvl 92 to lvl 100 and 6/6/10 to 10/10/10.

No regrets.


Said I wasn’t gonna try but did anyway…I need those materials bad
Only 18 boxes. No ce drops except midrash ones.
Plenty gems to nearly get skills up to par on lancelot . Thats a plus. And quite a good chunk of atcher ones to throw at helena. I’ll do more when I go on break later. Finally got apples up to a manageable number though. I just got rememer not to burn …too many . … gonna try rely on burning mostly sq.
Farming teams aren’t exactly optimal i wanted to have skadi ready for this( anastasia took her mats) but just waver and borrowing skadi I think will do fine. Those aoe zerkers are going to get over worked i forsee. Sorry kiyo but u are far too useful to not bring. You and lance gonna kill some stuff.

The best part of the year: the mental struggle between “I should burn those embers I’ve got from past events and monthly prism exchange” and “No! I get like only a bunch each ember gathering run! I have to wait for those events and monthly exchanges!”. I’m telling you: these two voices just can’t get along…:fgo_casgilworry:

Then again, I’ve already discarded every thought of CE bomb menuing proportionate to the amount of FP I’ll get from the lottery. If only I could just CHOOSE whether I want the FP or not from the lottery boxes… :fgo_judge:
I might as well just burn it all for the sake of faster unboxing which leads to a cleaner state of mind.

In fact, it took me so long to unbox and organise my stuff that I ended up cancelling my OTHER gaming time for the day. It’s gonna be a GREAT two weeks, I swear :fgo_meltpensive:

I’m barely scratching the golden apples on the first day. And I’m talking about Arash+DSS Lancelot here. It’s the most efficient 3-turning I’ve achieved so far. 9 Boxes so far and I’m not even farming the lottery currency yet! This will be good :fgo_hokusaiwink:

Remember everyone: your life IS NOT controlled by the lottery event. Feed yourselves accordingly and stay hydrated! :fgo_alterasanta:

TL;DR: Blah blah lottery unboxing = funny menuing time = completely unrelated meme video


Y’all getting CE drops? :fgo_insane:

CE EXP drops :catcry:

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Today’s haul is 20 boxes. (I am the kind of person who face carded through past lotteries to sometime 50+ boxes, so I am going to smash my personal record) Gotten 5+ exp CE drops and 1 grudge match but no CKT. Fortunately friend has a mlb CKT so I am at least at +6 bonus and 1 apple basically get me 1 box.

Also opened the first 6 boxes to get the lore, mlb the damage CE to kill touta, and finish leveling my dantes to get that costume. Still have quite a few servants to level from the skadi/waver rolls backlog, but my intention is to finish leveling all my servants and fully stock my 2nd archive

This the time time of the year where otakus frantically tap away on the plump body of a dark skinned beauty.image

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“It’s the devs fault.” They knew what they were doing.


About 10-11 boxes in. Hopefully can keep 10-12 boxes/day up for most of the week :fgo_casgilworry:

About to complete my 6th box, couldn’t find the time to farm properly yet. Although, it seems I lucked out in the CE drop department as the the first node I went into dropped me C. K. T.

Well I was lucky enough to have a few whales in my friends list with currency CEs so I managed to get all CKT from the shop plus 1 from a drop. I’m on box 12 right now, this is my first lotto event and it’s been pretty fun trying to find the best team comp to farm efficiently while also maximizing drops.

So far I can farm the Garden and Arena nodes in 5 turns or less with 4 CKT up, including the support’s, so the drops are pretty good. Not optimal but if I were to do full optimal my brain would be mush before I could open box 20. I also usually just put on some music while farming or watch something to drown out the deafening sound of NPs being played on loop.


WTF do you mean “Only”, that’s amazing