The uncertainty of should or shouldn't be raised

Trying to get Bagpipe, naah, I gave up.
The wound from previous battle still aching.
Let’s just click it for guarantee…
“Hmm? you may proceed”, said my other self.

First bag is lit,
I immediately beg to the ancestor,
“Please make it Bagpipe” x4

And boom… sheet happens.
Wild Mostima appeared :ak_mostima:

Currently only using M6 Eyja and Suzu.
And I think they’re enough,
Fulfilling arts needed since ToW to current CC2.
No other ranged arts used.
All Summoner skipped
Lower rarity slower skipped
My next target are only Ifrit for Auto burst
Ceobe as Boss slayer
and Amiya for later patch.

No melee used, but I intend to raise Aesthesia and one particular ranged tank, Beeswax.

Yes, Mostima is a top tier Aoe Caster
But my thoughts just can’t accept her to be that needed.
Especially lacking even in general use, overshadowed by the simplicity of Eyja’s boom boom.
For challenged maps? I dont see her as core also.
For crowd control? Yeah, she got… A little point
with low uptime and the other with little to no impact.

If it possible, please do share your thoughts and experience with Mostima.
Or maybe gave me random suggestion, all is welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Not really advice here, just my two cents.

Imo, all 6* (even the worst ones) have sufficient raw stats and some sort of appeal that makes me want to build them to E2. Take it from me who M3ed Magallan, Skadi and M2ed Mosti. They’ll at least occupy a very small niche where they can still excel. Even if they’re not optimal most of the time it’s nice to make them work sometimes. E.g. Mosti was useful during DM event against the lancers, and in desolate desert against slugs.

But it really depends on your progress of your roster. If there is no hole in your roster you need to fill in, that means your roster is pretty much complete and you are free to build even the most niche of ops that interests you. Every old meta player will raise a niche op or two sometimes. While waiting for the meta ones, why not make Mosti your first and have some fun?

In my case, it’s a good feeling when an operator you raised for fun would eventually help you to max risk a daily stage. That happened to me a few days ago. Maybe Mosti would be that unexpected carry in the future for you.

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Very good suggestion indeed, Thank you
I really appreciate it.

Yes higher tier have more benefits
For me they were like a 3 in 1 or even 5 in 1 package
Even a simple one like Skadi and Exia
Raw power slaps them all.

About my roster, for a mid game, yeah its pretty complete,
Been trying to fulfill basic roles since early game.
Just added some niche with good usage in general lately.
But still can’t justify Mostima for promotion sooner.
Maybe later, as she also a basic role hahaha
But with higher cost
And easily replaced

Allright I’m going out.
Cheers :catdance:

I tried for bagpipe or chen but i got dupe ceobe.

Anyway i have mostima E2-30, in fact all my 6* are E2, they are only 10 so far but every one has its usage and why not.

I won’t recommend prioritizing mostima over others. But having her is nice. She may be even less wanted with introduction of Dusk(the new limited 6*aoe caster).

For me no unit in the game is needed rather than we want to build it for what ever reason it is (as lame as it sounds but it is true)
Mostima is a 6* (aka need a lot of resources ) so if you don’t think it worth its price don’t invest in her. Ejya, suzran will be enough for every chapter and upcoming content

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Dusk still far away, but yeah her skill are more usable.

Even if it’s a Limited operator, I usually don’t prioritize it immediately. Unless its generally usefull.

For example Nian and W, they are not mandatory for me.
Usage wise…
Lady Saria is more valuable, irreplaceable, fearsome and simply broken hahahha,
and the simplicity of Hoshi anego make her one of my fave.
also my Meteorite S1M3 are more applicable and could boom boom more frequent with my SP Battery squad.

Ejya, suzran will be enough for every chapter and upcoming content

Hope so
I forgot about Ange, a 6 package in 1 arts dealer, she is also a must hahaha

What i meant by mentioning dusk is mostima is no longer the only 6*aoe caster. still both not really needed worst case senario E1-max gitano is enough for an aoe caster if ever needed.

I totally agree with limited operators not mandatory in fact i like sidekicks like weedy, mudrock so on more and they are my main goal.

My arts squad is (ceobe, angelina, amiya, ofc mostima, suzuran all E2) i also have astesia and bunch of ranged gurads(i like more options lol). I had gitano E1-max before getting most of them and she was totally fine. But i built mostima because i am biased towards penguin logistics operators lol i didn’t need her at all

In your case replace Ejya with ceobe which is better for an aoe burst than ceobe your totally set for arts damage. But consider mostima later on.