The upcoming "1 paid SQ per day" gacha system

So, with the 6th Anniversary, there’s apparently going to be a new system added to the gacha.
Every day, you can make a single pull on a banner for 1 SQ, with the caveat that it has to be a paid quartz.

So, let’s do the math. The cheapest way to get 30 paid quartz is by buying a 41 bundle, a 5 bundle, an one last bit, That results in 47 SQs, 30 of which are paid SQ, for $29. For that , you now get 35 pulls. which more than double of what you’d normally get, with the caveat that you have to spend them one at a time each day.

In short, this is going to be a really cost-effective way to get more bang out of your buck, but to fully utilize it, you’d need to spend $30 on the game every month. Since I have the budget, I’ll probably go for it, but I doubt any F2P players would be “converted” by this system any time soon.


ya without any pity system it is still throwing money into a fire, just a slower burning fire :fgo_casgilworry:


I’ll just ignore it, there’s no pity so this system makes no sense whatsoever.


Screw that.


I don’t think I would roll daily since there actually aren’t many banners I care about at this point, but it might be nice for the occasional yolo.


They have a lot of option like changing the USO system but yeah, 1 paid SQ each day is the best that they can, understandable :fgo_disgusting:


Who though this was a good idea in the first place ? I can’t even imagine they had a meeting and everyone agree with this. Damn


I can see myself using these yolos. But I don’t know, it will be two years from now so who knows…


wait, is this banner special?
Guarantee 5* or any pity?

It’s not a banner, it’s just a new base system permanently available after the 6th anniversary.

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Ah I see. So 1 SQ for 1 pull. Once per day?
Okay, that’s a rip off.
I’ll stay GSSR only.


I don’t like it.

1 Paid SQZ is still currency you pay to get, but that gives you nothing as guarantee.

It’s not a pity system, you pay for a low chance to get something that very luckily will not happen.

In other words, in my opinion is a bad gamble and a waste of money.

I prefer to keep my paid SQZ for the GSSR. That way, i pay but i also know that something will surely come out of the money i spend.


It really depends on whether you regularly spend on a game, or if you are a dedicated F2P. If you buy SQ, then it’s a way more efficient “investment”, but if you’re not going to buy, then it’s a dead system that you won’t ever use.

For me, it’s a compelling system, because $30 a month is practically spare change, and I’d get 30 pulls out of it, but as I mentioned in the OP, I doubt it would make any F2P players break open their wallet.


Well, obviously this thing is not aimed to GSSR only people, more for dolphins and such, I guess. Of course the value is much lower than what you get from paid SQ in a GSSR.

Except it has pity system, which still rip off in a way, but better.

Let’s say whales. Obviously these are the true targets.
If one has enough money to NP3+ lots 4* and 5* , what’s for them spending 1 paid Saint Quartz per day?

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Whales already spend so much that one discounted roll per day is nothing.


But turning it on its head, if someone has enough money to throw hundreds (if not thousands) of bucks at banners, why would they care about making 30 single pulls a month more efficient?

I agree with MrYggrdasil; this is clearly aimed at dolphins like myself.


I don’t think whales are the target of this thing. I think the idea is to make occasional spenders to spend on a more regular basis. Might be wrong tho…


But a dolphin, who has a smaller budget, shouldn’t be more careful about how he spend his money?

A whale, like Gou says, has enough money that for them this is nothing. So, they’ll probably do it.

A dolphin has a smaller budget, shouldn’t he use it to buy packs in his desired banners only?

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