The utmost perfection that is my Shiro

I have been waiting for a Shiro refine for the last two or two and a half years now.
And when it finally got announced you can be certain I screamed like the girl I am :yum:
I am so incredibly happy about it words can not express my full joy about it.
But without further ado here is the best man in Fire Emblem:

I love his refine with every cell in my body, it is simply amazing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
With this I do think that he is complete now, maybe there can be some adjustments with the build and such, but it seems for me (for the meantime till Spd/Def Solo 4 comes out) that he is completely finished :blush:


That’s a real nice build you got there! But do the solo skills ever get in the way of activating Brigh Naginata’s effect?

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:heart_eyes: he looks great!

How are you liking speed on him? Im running +spd but now that I pulled a res copy I’m kinda torn. :feh_maethink:

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I mean if you really wanted once it comes… put Spd/Res Bond 4 on him to null all debuffs on him and give him Spd/Res Bond Seal… for 53 Spd/42 Res without buffs… (56 Spd essentially do to Lull Spd)

Thank you!
It is not as bad as you would think, even less because I built my team around him to back him up when he needs help :blush:

I really like having Speed on him!
I had him on Speed since I pulled his first copy and it has been pretty good since :smile:
Obviously with much investment.

I do not quite understand, his weapon refine already nullifies all his debuffs?


Pretty sure his refine nullifies all debuffs on him anyway.

Being a shiro user for the last two years, I also think that he’s not only decent but even good now if you invest in speed, I suggest dc if you run him in ar offense cause you know, people use ranged things a lot, can’t believe I’m not the only Shiro fan lmao.

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Oh wait yall right… forgot that it nulled all debuffs already

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You inspired me to finish merging mine! I was gonna wait for December but seeing all this love for the good boy really motivated me.